Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Croffice

We are only one step away from being totally finished with the kitchen. And it's trim. More specifically, crown molding... and Jake hates putting up crown molding so we'll see how long it takes. 

In the meantime, I finally took pictures of the croffice and Ev's room because those rooms are done. 

Here is the croffice. Craft room/office. 

It actually started out a lot bigger. It started out in the den and our spare bedroom was a guest room. But then we decided to switch things up a few months ago. 

When my mom was visiting (WAY back in November) we bought all of the furniture and specifically designed it for the den. It was awesome. A counter-height craft table held up by old bookshelves (cut down to size), a sewing table, two cube shelves, and the desk that the computer/printer sat on was 4 sets of file drawers with a piece of tempered glass on top. 

(Pic was taken mid-remodel)

(Old guest room... ha ha, not guests because we only had a twin bed!)

Then we decided to put the croffice in the guest room, put the guest bed in Ev's closet to save for when he out-grows the crib, and make the den into a second living room. So we hauled everything across the house (like 20 feet lol) and I reorganized everything to fit in a much smaller space... in the meantime I found some pretty awesome treasures like this picture:

Yep, go get your spouse and have a good laugh. And yes, that is a smiley face ring on my left hand... apparently I wanted to marry it. And I have a side pony tail. And my costume has a mane. And that bump on my forehead... I still have it. Turns out it's not a bump... it's just the way my forehead is. So if you're ever having a bad day just come to my blog and look this post up...

Anyways, as I was trying to play tetris and fit the furniture into this room, I got a brilliant idea to stack the cube bookshelves. I have to say, I love it so much. It's such an efficient way to use the small space (and make it look bigger). 

We had taken the black bookshelf out of the living room already, so that was up for grabs too. I stole that, along with a lamp that wasn't in use. 

I have a small fetish with reader's digest condensed books.... I found all of those rainbow-looking ones at the Goodwill a few months ago for $6. I almost died of happiness. They are the condensed books for young readers which meant that they were in the kid section and Goodwill was having a 50% off books sale. Again, I almost died of pure happiness. 

The little file cabinets worked out pretty good in this room too. I just had to turn the ones in the back so that I could still open the drawers... that are full of random craft room essentials. 

I recovered a simple drum lamp shade with some Joann fabric (I am getting REALLY good at recovering drum shades with fabric if anyone needs a few pointers...) and stacked more reader's digest books on my desk. Love is spelled (L) reader's (O) digest (V) condensed (E) books. 

Because I'm a beginner hoarder, Jake made me some sturdy-hold-lots-of-stuff shelves in the closet to hold my things and decorations not in use. He's the man. 

A few little knick knacks...

And the printer is hiding under the desk (on a little red chair) because I am SO into the way things look rather than how they function... really, who doesn't WANT to crouch down under a desk every time they need to print something?! (But honestly, I've printed one thing in 6 months so I think we're okay). 

 Raise your hand if you love the green rug... yeah, me too! And the shiny, dramatic black curtains? Check!

As for the ceiling, that's pretty cool too.

 It's called a trick ceiling and we hear that it's pretty difficult to make it look as good as ours looks. But I'm not bragging because we didn't do it. It was here when we got here... along with the paint color and the wainscoting. Before we moved in:

I love this room so much it's ridiculous. If there was ever a room that represents me... this is it. Bright, colorful, shiny (have you ever seen my forehead shine?... it's crazy, just scroll up a little and see it again), dramatic (do you read my blog? Ha Ha), small (yes), adorable (okay... I'm going way too far) but really, I love this room and it holds so, so much stuff. 

And just to keep things fair... he's a cute picture of little Jacob:


And that's the croffice!


  1. Looks SO GOOD! Will you come help me decorate??? I'm not kidding. I love your style. Think about it! :) We can trade for something... although you are so multi-talented, I'm not sure what!

  2. Just like the rest of your house, this should be in a magazine.