Monday, April 30, 2012

Ev At Play

It seems like Everett has always liked playing with toys that were meant for the stage ahead of his age. 

Not that he's some rocket-scientist-in-waiting or anything, he just likes really small things... which I'm starting to think is why the age on all of his favorite toys is at least 3+. 

This little boy is crazy for anything with wheels. 

He even puts his own tracks together. (We have to help him make a circle with them, but he's been putting the tracks together by himself for a while.)

He's also a big fan of his dinosaurs. Or maybe it's the ROARING he gets to do when he plays with them! He also loves to make dinosaur prints in the play-doh.

He likes stickers...

...and blocks...

and playing outside. He especially loves the dirt and water.

Since Spring weather has been captain crappy (except for a few blissful days), we spend a lot of time indoors. And Everett always wants to watch a movie. Usually Cars or Cars 2.

That was perhaps the reaction I got after saying, "Buddy, we already watched Cars today..."

So we find other things to do. I decided to let him be the new owner of our Chinese Checkers game. I am a genius and I've thanked myself everyday for letting him have it. He loves it.

He's also the proud new owner of a chalkboard easel.  (and apparently a dumb and dumber hairdo for the day...)

"What Mom?! Why are you all up in my face?!"

"What?! You want a smile, how about this..."

Maybe he was drawing fireworks...

He LOVES drawing... especially with markers. He knows that I'll only let him color on paper (and his cards too).  He also likes magnets but Dad gets a little freaked out when we play with them so it's not very often.

One day I threw a little spinach into his smoothie and he wouldn't even taste it because it wasn't the usual color. So he played with that too.

And then he played in the bath... which he loves. 

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about Everett right now is that he can do an alphabet puzzle by himself. No help, at all. It's awesome.

And the shape puzzle... but he mastered that in a matter of seconds. 

He will dump the puzzle and then put every letter back in without help. He usually struggles with the G (I think because it has to fit in there perfectly) and sometimes he mixes up the M and W (which is understandable) and sometimes he mixes up the Z and N (they made both of them red, so that doesn't help) but he always gets it right in the end. We're so proud of him!

I had someone from the school district come over last Thursday and test his development. They offer speech therapy but they have to test your child in all five areas of development to see where they are lacking before they start. He was high in two areas (I know physical abilities was one of them), average in two areas, and below average in speech. (I can't remember what all five of them were... but I was only worried about speech so I didn't pay super close attention.)

Speech is kind-of like food for him. He doesn't really even try. The lady said that we need to start with the very basics. For example, when we are pouring milk into his cereal, tell him it's milk mmmmmm milk and then ask him to say mmmmm. We've been successful with a few letter sounds, but not many.

The lady that came over kind-of bugged me (like a lot) so I have a hard time taking her advice. She treated me like a bad combo of first-time-teen-mom or something. Like I had no idea what I was doing with my child. I was mad for almost an entire day after she left.

I think I was mostly mad because I have a hard enough time feeling like an adequate mother and then she pretty much acted like it was my fault that Everett can't say at least 100 words.

But that's cool. If all of his below average skills are my fault, at least blame me for his above average one's too. But I am learning more and more everyday that Everett is going to be Everett and develop at his own pace. His strengths are HIS and so are his 'weaknesses.' He's an individual no matter how young he is. And Jake and I love him exactly the way he his. We are so madly in love with him, it's crazy.

Sometimes we just look at each other in amazement that he is ours. He makes us so happy and drives us so crazy and life would be so lonely without him. We love him so much!


  1. 1. That chalkboard pic made me LOL.

    2. I love Everett's car lines

    3. I can't believe how clean your white couch is. I can't even keep our brown couch clean with our little guy lol you are pro

  2. They want Blake to get her speech tested b/c she won't say 10-20 words consistently and she should. I'm feeling the same way you are. This lady can tell me what she wants, but Blake isn't going to talk... until she wants too. No matter what I do :-)

  3. There are really great people who work with the Birth to 3 program and really NOT great ones. Sounds like you got one of the latter. Sorry. Sounds like he's progressing really well in a lot of areas. With Sam, we've always chosen to focus on those. The rest will come... =)

  4. Hi, i just stumbled over your blog and read the above about your son. Let me share my story which hopefully gives you hope. My son is almost 4 which in my country(Netherlands)means going to basic school. Kids must be able to speak well enough by then so we were under lot of stress in the last two years. At two he didnt say mum or dad and in fact never made any sounds. He was however just like your son very strong and could do his physical skills were much further than other kids of his age. He was also really good at puzzles and by three years could read all letter and counted in three languages. He just didnt three it were some random words but more just signs. We understood him but i had feeling he just doesnt want to speak. He loved contact with people and other kids(definitely not autistic)He was later on tested and his IQ was way above average. He was placed in special school for kids with language problems. Most of them were like him, smart kids who just wouldnt speak. He is turning 4 in summer and starts regular school in autumn and he doesnt shut up anymore. Compared to kids around has perfect pronounciation. Is still slightly behind in some way of speech, but im starting to think that its cause he thinks so fast that he cant produce words fast enough and then he gives up. My advice...listen to your own instincts. You know your son best. Do you think something is wrong then ask for medical help(mind you we had year or logopedy which lead to nothing...) otherwise just give him time. He seems so like my son and is probably thinking ...ahh dont feel like chatting to the people around me yet :-) good luck tereza