Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Green Hands, Green Legs, Green Grass

I mowed the lawn for three hours on Monday. Three hours. 

Our grass was so long. Here's proof:

I've been waiting for it to be dry enough to mow. We'd have an almost sunny day and then it would start hailing out of nowhere and get all wet again. 

But after 2 days of sunshine it was dry enough for me to mow.

Everett took a monster long nap (because he's been sleeping so crappy at night) which allowed me to mow to my hearts content. 

It took all of three hours to mow because I was mowing the Amazon Rain Forest! Our grass was soooo long. The mower was on the highest setting. 

That's at least 9 inches of grass that I was mowing. Talk about a work out. 

It took so long to mow because I literally got from one side of the yard to the other and then I had to empty the bag because it was full already. 

(The big white spot was from a painting project we did on Saturday...)

We don't have a yard waste bin yet so I just piled the grass on a tarp... after I had to reach in the bag and pull it out. 

Hulk hands, grass mountain. 

And you know the best part... it was sunny and warm so I was out there in shorts, a T-shirt, and some bright white legs. (But I changed into capri's by the time I did the front yard... my legs are so white they look like green glow sticks! I didn't want to scare the neighbors)

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  1. Oh my lotta grass! Good work chicka! I've been LOVING that warm weather. I didn't even complain about the girls tracking grass all through the house... being able to send them outside was just soooooo worth it. And now its raining again.... boo. Hopefully it at least means the sunshine will come a little more often now. HOPEfully.