Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jake The Teacher

Everett is a man of the outdoors. 

One of his very favorite places on Earth (I'm assuming) is the puddle in our front driveway. He loves going out there after it rains and splashing away. On Saturday we spent a good hour playing in the puddle... and he always ends up sitting in it. 

And then the party moves to the backyard where we continue the dirty madness. 

Side note. Jake is almost always wearing work-on-the-house work clothes when he's home. He taught Everett to wipe his hands on his (Jake's) pant leg whenever his (Everett's) hands get dirty. Now he wipes his dirty hands on me all of the time. Today I was cutting something on his highchair tray when he wiped his sticky pb&j hands all over my shirt. Thanks Jake. So this is Everett discovering that his hands are dirty and coming to wipe them on me: 

Good thing I caught his hand before I got dirty puddle water wiped on my arm. 

(WHAT?! MOM!, dad told me to wipe my hands on you...)

But it's cool. You know, that he's catching on to the wonderful things Jake is teaching him...

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