Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Room For A Little Boy

Everett's room is probably one of my favorite rooms in our house. It's bright, fun, and colorful. 

Like every other room I decorate, it just came together. I feel like I rarely decorate with an actual 'theme theme', I usually just try to have a color theme. But this time I wanted Everett's room to revolve around two things. Cars and antiques/old cool things. 

Several years ago I bought three really cool antique-looking cars at Ross and they've been hanging out at Jake's office ever since. When Everett started to really love cars, I asked Jake to bring them home so that I could decorate Everett's room with them. 

And lucky for me, I found some fabric at Joann that matched pretty good. I made all of Everett's bedding (recovering an existing bumper pad) and that was a HUGE chore. Oh my. I think I muttered a thousand curse words in my head and broke a dozen needles trying to recover the bumper pad. The sheet was a cinch (with the help of the internet), and I made up my own crib skirt (that is held on to the springs by tape!). But I couldn't be more proud or love it more! And I know that Ev is almost 2 but I swear he dreams that he's a pro wrestler... so the bumper pad is kind-of a necessity still. 

This room wouldn't be complete without my dad's help. I called and asked if he had any old license plates that I could have. He sent me four, and three of them were a perfect match. The New Mexico one is my favorite because the tabs expired the year I was born and the Arizona one is awesome because it still has dirt on it. I think the Colorado plate came off of an old car that he bought from me. My Dad is amazing. So the three plates and an old-looking sign from an antique store are hung above his bed. 

*Jake and I got in our first MAJOR marital dispute over what 'could' be hung above Ev's crib. One of us MIGHT have slammed the front door and ran away for a few hours because they were so mad at the other one. But with the help of my dad, there is no way anything could possible fall off of the wall (during an earthquake or not) and harm our little Everett. :) 

Next to his crib is the dresser from this makeover

The fourth license plate that my dad sent was a newer Arizona plate with purple and other colors on it that didn't match the room at all. So I turned it over and flipped it and I think it looks pretty cool that way. I framed it and put it on his dresser with another cool car I picked up from Ross a few weeks ago. 

I really like 'antiques' but I'm not really interested in keeping them antique or restoring them to look new. There are a few pretty cool antique stores in downtown Puyallup where I found a couple treasures. I found two old oil cans. I stray painted one of them green to match his room (it was a rusted bronze before) and the other one came exactly the way it still looks... with a little oil in it even. 

Of course his antique Radio Flyer bike is in his room that he got a couple of Christmas' ago and still rides around the house and outside. 

He has a bookshelf full of books from the thrift store, stuffed animals, and cars. The picture of the U.S. is a poster that I bought off of Amazon and I put it in a frame that we already had. It used to hold a painting of two red flowers that Jake hated. So I threw it away, put the new poster in, and got a piece of glass cut to fit. I love recycling things. 

The two bumper stickers are so cool to me because they are the real deal... from an antique store downtown. And the colors couldn't be more perfect. 

I also found this awesome orange VW and I LOVE the scratches on it. Seems like it made a kid real happy once. 

And then this orange VW was discovered at Ross. (I love Ross). 

We've had the red rug for the longest time but it's always been a big rectangle. I needed a square... so one day I cut the rug (with scissors) and hot glued the edges so that it wouldn't fray or lose carpet pieces. It's worked amazing. 

Ev and I love laying on the rug and playing with his cars and reading books. He finally started to let us at least open up a book a few weeks ago... so that's nice. His favorite books are the one's about Thomas the train or the vegetales.

And his room wouldn't be complete without his first larger-than-life teddy bear named Smu. 

P.S. I made the curtains and painted the room navy blue... but I'm sure you already got that. 

Check out his room before it was his:


And it was exactly as bright as it looks. Cah-razy. 

I adore Everett's room. I just love the colors, theme, and antiqueness of it. Lucky for us, we had everything that went in his room already except for a few things from Ross and the antique store. His crib was purchased off of craigslist for $50 a few years ago, his dresser from Goodwill, and we've had the bookshelf, rug, and picture frame for ages (which came from Ikea, Walmart, and Ross). 

And that's our little Everett's room! I wonder how long he'll let me decorate it...


  1. I love love love his room! Wow! You do such a great job decorating! Your croffice is just amazing as well.

  2. When can you come help me decorate my house? Chicago is fun this time of year!!