Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Our floor has always been super squeaky. Even before we bought it we knew about the squeaks. But I shouldn't just say squeaks... it's more like big BOOMs and CRACKs and all sorts of loud noises. 

When all of the flooring was out of the room we saw why it was so squeaky (although Jake could have already told you without tearing out the carpet.)

Basically (a man of construction can only assume) that our house was framed in the Winter or early Spring (a.k.a. depressing, cold, rainy season) and our subfloor got soaked, the glue had no chance of adhering the plywood to the floor joist, and so the squeak is the sound of the nails sliding in and out of the floor joist as you walk across the floor. 

Our guest bedroom, Everett's room, and in front of the fireplace are the worst spots. Here is the evidence that our floor was rained on a time or two and bowed.... because someone (we're assuming the builder) came in and sanded the edges of each piece of plywood before the flooring was installed.

And it was obvious that someone tried to fix the squeaks in front of the fireplace before because there was an excessive about of screws in there but they weren't helping the squeaks. 

So Jake invited his dad over to help him take care of the squeaky floor. Karl not only helped fix the floor, he taught Ev how to cover his ears when there are loud noises! Now he even does it when the microwave is on. It's cute.

The best way to take care of the problem was (enter a lot of construction jargon...).

(It's not everyday that your dad pops out of the floor like this!)

Now there are a lot fewer squeaks... there are still a few quiet ones (because you'll never get 'em all) but at least they're squeaks and not booms and cracks anymore. 

But this was all 10 days ago. We are about 60% done installing the hardwood... slow and steady wins the race. Okay, not really, but it does take a loooong time to install hardwood. There's kind of an art to it, I guess. 

We are still several weeks away from the big reveal... but you will be blown away. It's like 100 times awesomer than the laundry room. Awesomer, I said. Awesomer. Soooo awesomer. 

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