Sunday, April 22, 2012

You Are My Sunshine!

Oh my heck. I don't think there's anything more cute than a toddler boy in a T-shirt, shorts, and flip flops... and that's exactly what I saw all weekend! I was in love. 

Saturday was warm and sunny and we spent the entire day outside playing in the water and doing lots and lots of outside chores. It was the best!

Everett was so dirty and happy it was ridiculous. We need more sunshine in our lives!

And because I can't get enough of my baby in shorts and flip flops... that's exactly what he wore to church this morning. We tried to get a few pictures of his cuteness before church...

(He loves the toothbrush and we were trying to get him to show us his teeth for a picture. You'll get a pretty good laugh when you see my face in the last picture! Oh man...)

These are most definitely my new favorite pictures!

After church, our good friends (who live on a lake) invited us over for steak and chicken and an evening boat ride. We are the luckiest people ever!

Everett loved the boat and kept pointing at the wake and saying bub-oh's... which apparently is the only word he likes to say!

We had so much fun this weekend and I hear tomorrow is supposed to be just as warm and sunny! Hallelujah! 


  1. Yay! So glad you got some sunshine :-)

  2. Those pictures are super sweet! I am LOVING this weather! Seriously the best!

  3. Love these pictures! I like the mirror one! We got lucky the shorts still fit Beany from last summer haha, you are right, super cute. Where did you get those sweet flip flops? So jealous about the boat ride. I wanted to go on one really bad but my parents were in Canada for the weekend and I don't know anyone else with one.

  4. The boat ride and that sweet slide off the rocks look sooo fun! And those family pictures are so sweet. Glad you had a good weekend!