Monday, May 28, 2012

BirthDay Of Service

We have an abundance of late May/early June birthdays in Jake's family. 

So we kind-of lump them all together and celebrate them at once.

This year, I made the cupcakes. Chocolate, lemon, and strawberry all with buttercream frosting. Strawberry was my personal favorite. 

Everyone made fun of me and called my cupcake display Mexican. 
I thought it was awesome. 

Jake's parent's birthdays were included in the mix. 

They live on 4 acres out in the woods with lots of animals, two gardens, and they still have two kids at home. They are very busy people and scramble to get everything done, so this year their group gift from all of their kids was a day of service. It's hard to get things done when all it does is rain, so we were lucky that it was a beautiful day. A lot got accomplished. 

(I didn't contribute much, Everett was too busy making the rounds between the new baby bunnies, chicks, piggies, the cats, the dog and I had to supervise)

When the work was done, we had a bbq and then the little one's opened their presents. 

Everett was gifted Thomas jammies, a Hot Wheels car, Red (from Cars) that makes noise, and a monster truck the did wheelies. 
When he opened the last two presents, he shook his head no and got a concerned look on his face. (It was really, really funny)
He doesn't like toys/cars that roll on their own or make noise. 

In fact, he just wanted to play with Penny's Polly Pocket toy. He really liked putting Polly in and out of her car. Jake said that we need to get Everett some guy figurines to play with :)

When we got home, I ran to the store to see what I could find because Everett's birthday was the next day.  I settled for the Little People barn set. Can't wait for him to open it!

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  1. That polly pocket is huge...remember we could fit her whole house in our pocket back in the day and she was like the height of a dime? haha!