Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear Journal- Unintelligible

Dear Journal,

Whew, it's been a while. But what's been going on the last few days really calls for a journal entry.

So one of my friends has a couple of really cute boys, one being about 9 months older than Everett. I read her blog religiously and I remember her talking about the 'terrible two's' and how her little guy would through some very unintelligible fits. I always assumed that surely there had to be something that he was upset about.

But then Everett turned two on Sunday and every day since he's kind-of been a nightmare. I know that's only 3.5 days ago, but HOLY CRAZY! He changed so fast.

When I was thinking about Everett and his interests/capabilities, I kept thinking about how enjoyable he was and lovely the last few months have been. And then I ate my words. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I've decided that mothering Everett is like being on a roller coaster. The Extreme Scream, actually.

The last few days have been jam packed with very unintelligible tantrums and fits. (Like he's throwing a fit and you pick him up in an attempts to comfort him or figure out the problem and it's just arms and legs and tears flying everywhere) We seriously have no idea why he is acting the way he is.   Not. a. clue. (other than his age)  Then I remembered my friend and the way she described her little guy's fits; she is right. For no reason at all he just goes crazy. If there is a reason, it's a very, very tiny/unimportant reason.

Today was his 2 year checkup at the Dr's office.

His pediatrician said that it was time to start taking away the pacifier. I agreed with him but deep down I was thinking.... YES! let's take away the only thing that helps my child's monstrous behavior become tolerable, especially in public. So I'm kind-of preparing for the next few weeks and months to be disastrous.

Hmmmm, more like double disastrous. With a cherry on top.

He's also learned how to manipulate us already. Like not eating lunch or dinner and then putting him down for a nap or bed and he all of a sudden acts hungry. The we take him to the kitchen and he gets down and runs to his toys or the couch and turns on the TV. But after two days of that I caught on to his little scheme. It's amazing how smart but volatile a little one can be!

I took him to the mall after the Dr's office to let him play on the toys. I asked him if he wanted to ride in the stroller and... what do you know?! he broke down in the parking lot! So I carried him. We got to the toys, took off his shoes... BREAK DOWN. So I took him aside, put his shoes on, and then we started to walk around the mall. The train (that kids/parents can pay to ride on) is coming near us (seriously, like 40ft away) and he FREAKED OUT! Like, not a little bit...turns and runs the opposite direction while screaming/crying. Then we get to the little section where you can pay quarters to ride the little machine toys and... yes, you guessed it.

And the saddest part is that Jake and I just saw a commercial the other day for Cars Land that is opening at California Adventures in June. We thought about taking him for Christmas but I threw those plans right out the window today. If he won't even get near the 50 cent ride, there's no way we're paying a heck of a lot more for the same outcome.

I guess the silver lining in all of this is that these are "normal" behaviors for his age. Ugh. Wish us luck as we ride out the storms ahead of us!



  1. I am sorry tyrell... :[ hang in there. "This too shall pass"

  2. Oh dear, not excited for this next year. I think the risk of the flailing limbs and tears would be worse for the airplane ride though. 150 people angry at you might be worse than a Disney breakdown. He would probably enjoy the park eventually though so if you decide to go, it probably would be a little fun. He might have just as much fun taking him to the Auburn bouncy house place though haha.