Monday, May 28, 2012


I'm almost positive that Everett has holiday-itis. 
It's like he falls ill right before a holiday or special day. 

Sunday was his 2nd birthday. 

He'd been feverish the day before and woke up with a fever on his birthday, too.
So he watched lots of cartoon before we got ready for church.

We tried to get a few pictures of his handsomeness and this is what we got:
Jake tried to take out his pacifier and he was NOT okay with it

So it stayed in. 

He wouldn't smile, so I asked him "where are your eyes?"

"Where are your muscles?"

"How old are you?"

"Can you give Dad a kiss?"

Then Jake cleaned his face. Maybe it was a dirty kiss! I think Jake cleans his face way more than I do. 

I love the story that these pictures tell. 
He was waiting for Jake to grab his had so they could walk to the car...

But I had to get some pictures with the birthday boy too. We showed our muscles again...

And our age... nose... and head. 

Then he took out his pacifier and gave me a kiss and a hug. 

He is turning into such a sweet, sensitive little boy. 
He makes us SOOOO happy. 

We didn't stay long at church. Just long enough for the super important stuff. We didn't want to spread fever germs everywhere. 
We tried to celebrate his birthday later that day but he just wanted to watch cartoons and movies. Hopefully he's well enough to celebrate tonight.... because Jake and I can't wait for him to open his presents. And his cake is pretty rad too. 

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