Friday, May 4, 2012

House Links

I'm so glad, happy, grateful, relieved, excited etc. that we are done with the kitchen. It's always nice to complete a giant project. 

I'm just excited that I can post pictures like this and not have to hide the kitchen progress anymore. :) 

(Everett climbs into the laundry bucket whenever it's empty and expects a ride)

We are flattered with your kind words and comments. They really make us feel good and give us even more satisfaction than we were expecting. It was a lot of hard work and it has paid off. Thank you. 

Between co-workers, Facebook, friends, and the regular blog fans reading the kitchen post, Blogger temporarily disabled my blog due to 'unusually high activity' this morning. It kind-of made me feel a tiny bit famous!

Jake received many e-mail and comments all day that gave him even more satisfaction in his construction skills. As for me, this was my very favorite comment:

And of course all of the 'this should be in a magazine' comments! We love them. 

To make things a little easier on anyone looking to snoop the finished rooms in our house, I've compiled a few links:

The bathrooms and our master bedroom are done, I just haven't taken the pictures (but those are the three rooms in our house where we have done virtually nothing). 

Thanks again for all of your kind words!

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  1. I would love to know what kind of hardwood you have and where you bought it. It reminds me so much of ours. Thanks.