Sunday, May 13, 2012

Knives And Ice Cream

Our weekend was so jam packed, it was awesome. The only way to get through it is to rewind. 

On Friday, I took a few pictures of my sisters-in-law before prom. They were gorgeous and their dates were hilarious. Definitely had a good time. 

We couldn't help but take some fun family pictures in the sun...

Since it was still nice and sunny, we decided to go out for a little ice cream. 

We got some mile high mud pie to go and sat by the fire. 

We all shared one plastic silverware packet. I think Everett ended up with the spoon and Jake and I alternated the fork and knife! There's nothing like trying to gobble down some ice cream with a knife before it melts!

Knives and ice cream... that's what family memories are made of! 


  1. Hey! I was showing my sister your awesome house and she featured you on her blog! ( Anyways...your house looks great. And that dessert looks delicious!

  2. You are so skinny tyrell!! You look awesome. Great pictures :) I am excited to see you tomorrow and Ev!