Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Portland Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon

Sunday morning. 
Inaugural Portland Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon.
11,017 runners.
This is team Footfire!

I met up with my peeps from the gym and we fished through the giant crowd towards the starting line, gear check in, and porta potties. 

I love these people so much! They mean so much to me and I couldn't be more grateful that we share the same interests. 

As it turns out, 11,000 other people share the same interests and we all had to use the potties at the same time. I waited in line for 18 minutes. I thought I wasn't going to make it (the race). 
But I made it to the starting line (my corral, anyways) right at the END of the national anthem. 
I barely made it!

We started in 1 minute intervals. I was in the corral for finish times between 1:50 and 1:55. 
I was really really really hoping to finish around 1:47.
That was the goal anyways. 

I knew I had several things working against me... like no sleep for two nights in a row, walking like 5 miles in the warm sun WITHOUT drinking any water the day before, and eating fried fish for dinner. I knew I was ill prepared, but I still was going for it. 

For the first few miles, I was on fire!
And then my fire blew out. 

Mile1 8:18
Mile2 7:59
Mile3 7:47
Mile4 8:21
Mile5 8:57
Mile6 8:33
Mile7 9:13
Mile8 8:24
Mile9 8:42
Mile10 9:03
Mile11 9:11
Mile12 8:17
Mile 13 8:51

I look at those numbers and they're all really good, but not good enough to reach my goal. And I knew that by mile 6. My hips were hurting along with every joint down my left leg and my arm even went numb once... which was surprising because I felt great during my last Tacoma run. I just kept waiting for my body to kick into overdrive like it always does, but it didn't. Not even by mile 13. I gave this race everything I had. It was so hard. Between miles 6 and 13, over 600 people passed me. Like I was running in place. But I had nothing left to give. 

I saw Jake just a little ways before the finish line.

I finished in 1:53:41, which is still a very good time. 
But the sting on my pride lingered for a bit. 

But then I remembered that I FINISHED and I finished under two hours even, so what was I disappointed in? Pride is a funny thing. 

Here are some more stats to help me not feel like I somehow failed:
Overall finisher 1696 out of 11,017
Gender 673 out of 7,733
Division 109 out of 895
So what am I crying about? I averaged the top 15%

It drizzled/lightly rained for the last 10 miles, but as soon as I finished, it really started to come down. Luckily we all got "blankets" to keep us warm. 

And we really scored on the free stuff.

There was also a concert after the race and Chris Rene was there (from The X-factor). 

We all went back to their hotel and compared stories about how hard the race was, tried to convince Jake to run the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll, showered, and then found a place to eat lunch.

On the way home, I really needed to stretch my legs out, so we stopped at Cabela's so that Everett could see the animals. 

He LOVED the fish and was a little scared when they swam by. It was like an excited, scared, happy. 

Apparently he hated the sea lion. 

When we got back into the car I ate the last sesame rice ball. I can't even tell you how amazing it was. I can't really even tell you what it is, it's just a ball of deliciousness. (There's coconut inside, if that helps)

 We had such a great weekend. It's always fun to spend time away from home, with family and friends, doing things that you love... like eating and running. 


Here are some pictures I borrowed off of the website

(First female to finish. 1:13. Crazy. I think I need some of those socks. And the necklace.)

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  1. WOW! You did so well! Even if you didn't meet your goal, you would have blown the general population out of the water. I'm sure it was the socks...and possibly the yellow shoes that did it for her. Your pictures are so motivating I want to run outside right now!