Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturday In Portland

Friday evening we took a little road trip to Portland.

We were going to spend Saturday with my sister and then Sunday I was running the Portland Rock & Roll 1/2 marathon. 

Jake loves road trips. 

Because a road trip ='s junk food!

Friday I packed everything and then picked Jake up (after work) on the way to the freeway. 

We made it to Portland in 2 1/2 hours. 

Everett was a gem. I love that little boy!
He sat in the back and colored and did his alphabet puzzle. 

When we got there, we ate some delicious cookies that Lucy made for us and Everett danced two little stuffed animal toys around the arm chair. He was quite the little entertainer. 

Soon we went to bed. 
I slept for a total of two hours that night. I have a super crappy case of insomnia.... and it always gets worse on vacation. 

Despite the little sleep, I was super excited to go to the Waffle Window for breakfast Saturday morning! That place is so amazing. 
I think every city needs a Waffle Window. 

Between the three of us, we had 2 Razzle Dazzles, The Whole Farm, Spicy Bacon Cheddar JalapeƱo, and A Spring Fling. 

While Everett dumped water back and forth between two cups. He didn't even want to try the waffles. He has no idea what he's missing!!

On the way back to the car I saw this wall and knew I needed a picture in front of it. 
And, of course, these are the only pictures I got of my sister and I the whole trip. 

We also did a little window shopping... and laughing. Unicorn poster, anyone?

I walked past this record shop and saw a record that I couldn't live without. It was only $1 so I HAD to get it!

We went to go pick up my race packet at the convention center and then to the Saturday Farmers Market.

They had everything at the Farmer's Market. And it all had a Portland flare to it. Natural, organic, vegan, gluten free etc. SO many unique things. And unique people. 

We headed downtown to look for one of those food carts. We walked miles around downtown. 
The weather was very nice and a perfect temperature.
All day I couldn't stop saying, out loud, how much I loved Portland. 
I really do love it. 

Everett was the most best-est child the whole trip! He was seriously so good. We kept checking on him and poking him to make sure he was still a toddler boy. He kept giving us these go away, I'm fine looks. He must love vacation just as much as we do! 

After hours of walking and enjoying, we went back to my sister's house and waited for Lucy to get off of work. 
We went to a park to walk the dog and let Everett play. He had a blast on the swings.
I think swings are his favorite now. 

I love Portland. You can wear WHATEVER you want and feel okay about it... because everyone else does. They have bike lanes. Recycling and composting is cool. Having a garden is a must. Downtown is clean and adorable. But above all, it has some freaking amazing food. And Friday night we had some more of it. 

We all went out to a Thai restaurant that my sister and Lucy love. They told me that everything on the menu was amazing, but that I HAD to order at least one sesame rice ball too.
I did. 
And it was amazing.
I ended up ordering the fried cod on top of wilted spinach with curry and rice. It was crazy good. 

 Then we ordered 3 more sesame rice calls, some macaroons, and a giant salted chocolate cookie to go. 

Once we got home and made mac and cheese for our well-behaved, super lovable picky eater, I was toast. I was tired and thought that if I went to bed when I was tired (like I was) that I would fall asleep fast. No such luck. But regardless, it was a great day and I was really happy I could spend it eating delicious food and sight-seeing with my fam. 


  1. I have got to go to Portland! It looks beautiful and those waffles look like the best thing on the planet!

  2. 1. I like how one person's road trip is another's normal day (haha we go there A LOT)
    2. I need to hit up that waffle window next time. That pic with the raspberries...YUM!
    3.That is an awesome wall!
    4. I think I spotted a glow-in-the-dark troll? HAHA!
    5. Now I want some thai food :(