Monday, May 14, 2012

Seattle Saturday Sounders

On Saturday our little family headed up to Seattle. 

Jake's company is a sponsor of the Sounders and Saturday was appreciation day, so we had some tickets to the game. 

The weather was supposed to be nice, so we went up really early to be tourists for the day. 

The night before, while I was waiting to fall asleep, I kept thinking about how much I was dreading pushing our ghetto stroller in Seattle foot traffic. That thing has seen a better day, so I proposed that we buy a new one at the REI in Seattle. 

Jake said, "YES PLEASE!" 

We are a very active family, so it's nice when we are able to spend a little more to get the higher quality item that will last longer and work better for our needs.... plus you can't go wrong with the REI guarantee.  That way, if Jake runs over our new stroller, we can just exchange it for a new one. 

(The entrance to REI... the walking path on the right.)

The Seattle REI is sooo cool. We could have spent all day there but Everett was pushing us outside. Literally. 

Even though Everett was being a punk, we're so glad we got to go to REI. It was seriously awesome. And we picked up the mac-daddy of strollers. It's like the Porsche of stroller. Everett cried every time we stopped or took him out of it to put him in the car. Must be nice. 

After that, I wanted to go to the public market on Pike. We've been there before, but I just love going. 

In the best way possible... I just love weird people. And the public market has lots of them. 

I am not one to take risks or purposely draw attention to myself, but I love those that can. Like the guy hula hooping on one leg, playing the harmonica, and balancing a guitar on his chin. Pretty impressive. Or the gold spray paint guy. 

We didn't buy anything, just made sure to document that we were there!

(Mr. Spoiled was pouting that we were stopped.)

Down below the public market is the market theater...

...and the gum wall. 

It's rumored that the gum wall started back in 1993 when people stuck their gum on the side of the building while they were waiting for theater tickets. In 1998 the market theater finally gave up cleaning the wall and now it's kind-of an attraction. 

It's a little nasty and a lot awesome if you ask me.  

Then it was time for the Sounders game. 

There is always a certain energy at professional sports games... and I think that the Sounders take the cake. 

Everett was in awe for the first few minutes of the game. 

We assumed that we'd only be able to stay for less than half of the game because of Everett... but he was a champ. He loved it so much. 

Especially the clapping and cheering!

We stayed the entire game. 

(Those were the views walking out of the stadium.) 

We were so lucky to be able to be in Seattle on such a gorgeous day. We had a great time being tourists and spending time together. And Everett was a little gem as long as we were outside and moving. 

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  1. When I commented u had a cool stroller today I didn't realize it was brand new :] awesome!