Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stadium District

The weather was supposed to be nice again on Monday.

So I did something that I've been wanting to do for a long time.
I drove to the Stadium District of Tacoma, parked my car, and walked until my heart was content.  

The Stadium District is so cool to me. Lots of HUGE old houses, old cobblestone streets in some places, and amazing views of the Puget Sound and Cascade Mt. Range. 

I walked past the Annie Wright private school and watched as the teacher helped his class of 5 adorable kids (in matching uniforms) water their garden boxes. 

I adore this part of Tacoma. 

Especially this house. 

This one is pretty cool too. Look at those GIANT windows!

And I can only dream of what it would be like to go to Stadium High. 

(The high school in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You)

I ran past all of these places during the Tacoma City Half Marathon 8 days prior, but I was going too fast to soak any of it in. The arrows were still on the streets even. 

Which was really nice because I wanted to go to that park again... the one we ran through when it was all foggy and movie-like. 

The park was giant. 

Totally amazing, beautiful, and peaceful right in the middle of the city. 

There were two duck ponds, horse shoe pits, a splash pad for kids, a play set, basketball hoops.... pretty much everything. 

We played for a little while in the hot sun. The slides were HOT!

Everett loves his new stroller so much that he just climbed right in. He was happy to leave the park if it meant another ride in the stroller!

(He's trying to block paparazzi mom!)

I had such a good time walking through Tacoma and admiring the beauty of history. The weather was amazing and it was nice to spend the day outside with Everett. 

And then we took the scenic route home. 

What a gorgeous day!


  1. I missed out on a fun day!! sorry my phone wasn't charged!! ughh!!

  2. Fun photos! We love Wright Park. We had a great time at the splash park last year. I wish it was closer!

  3. You are totally making me miss this little part of washington, especially because you got photos on a sunny day. I love stadium, be glad you didnt go there! We had to run those stairs for gym......Beautiful!

  4. Ah man, these are the beautiful days I remember! Wish I could be there to enjoy them.

    On a side note, what water table do you have? We are thinking about getting one for Addy's bday.