Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swingin' In The Rain

Since you can't make cookies everyday that you stay home from the gym (even "healthy" ones) you might give the park a try.

It was still pretty cold out but we got smart and wore two jackets each. 

We don't have a park/swing set in our neighborhood, but there are plenty just a short bike ride away. And that's why we wore two jackets... riding bikes in the cold just makes you more cold. 

Everett is the master of the slide. Up and down. 

As for climbing up the ladder, that's another story. 

He tried climbing up the "rock wall" a few times but that might have to be our Summer challenge. It's kind-of hard for little guys like Everett. 

Everett has never been a fan of the swings. Most of the time he DOES NOT want to be put on a swing and if he happens to change his mind, he only last for a few seconds. But the other day was a different story. He loved the swing.

I don't know how I caught the last picture with my camera phone, but it's priceless! I don't even know if he was happy or mad!

When we got home we had a snack... peanut butter and army guys. 

And immediately after I took these pictures I decided that he needed a haircut. Really bad. So he ate peanut butter while I cut his hair. He was pretty good too, I was surprised. 

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  1. One of these days you'll have to help me with Maddox's hair :) Its still kind of thin, but its starting to get a little stringy. I love the swing pics!