Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tacoma City Half Marathon

Who has pasta on cinco de mayo? Well, we did because I ran Tacoma City Half Marathon this morning!

My friend (who is also one of the instructors at the gym) tore her calf muscle a few weeks ago and couldn't run the race... so she asked me to run it for her (which I gladly accepted because races are so expensive and she didn't want me to pay her). 

I woke up early and had cereal, because I'm addicted, AND a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And I watched the sun come up. 

A bunch of my friends from the gym were running the race too, so we all carpooled. And then took pictures in our team shirts... Go Team Footfire!

(I'm just posting this picture because I think that my arms look buff! I wasn't flexing- just freezing!)

Okay, it was REALLY cold and kept getting colder, but I ran on the treadmill at the gym on Thursday and I could only go 4.5 miles because it was so stinkin hot in there. I almost died. See:

Purple face is NOT good. 

So cold was great. 

The two marathoners started at 7:30 and then we started at 8. It was really cold and my nose was running like crazy, but it always does. 

I'm really competitive, but only with myself, so my only real goal was to beat my last time. My first race was 2:05:21 (9:34/mi) and my second race was 1:57:55 (9:00/mi) so it only made sense to try and beat my time by 7 minutes, which would be around 1:51. 

The first three miles of the race was uphill, but it was really cool out so it was a nice distraction. Lots of fog and we were running through some of the more historic neighborhoods in Tacoma. It was pretty dreamy. Then we got to a park at the top of the hill and it was like we were all running a race in a movie. The fog, trees, running path, all looked straight out of a movie. I tried to take a picture a few miles before that and this is what I got... so it was the only picture I tried taking. 

The course was pretty cool. Really hard though. Lots of hills and uneven roads. My hamstrings and glutes were ON FIRE! It was very challenging for me but somehow I managed to beat my last time and I finished in 1:51:11! Shebam!

It always helps to have your biggest fans waiting at the finish line!

After the race we met up with my homies from the gym and hung out for a while for the marathoners to finish. 

Pretty soon after I finished the race, the sun came out. It was so nice. We haven't seen the sun in at least a week so it was very welcomed. 

I got some pretty cute pictures of my fans while we were waiting for the others to finish...

What a good group of friends! I feel so lucky to have so many good people in my life. I love these guys!

The rest of the day was great. I felt really good and not nearly as sore as I've been in the past. I was crazy happy with my time and can't wait to beat it again (although, I'm telling you right now, there's no way I can beat it by 7 minutes again). 

As for my stats:

Time 1:51:11

Overall finisher 223 out of 944

Average pace 8:29

Mile1  8:46
Mile2  8:25
Mile3  8:58
Mile4  8:19
Mile5  8:01
Mile6  7:49
Mile7  8:01
Mile8  8:48
Mile9  8:38
Mile10  8:58
Mile11  9:13
Mile12 10:00
Mile13  7:54

Miles 11 and 12 were uphill. WHO?!?!?! wants to run up a steep hill after 10 miles? Stupid course! I felt like I could have walked faster than I was running but I never stopped. That's key. Never stop running.

And you wanna see the medal? It's just a half!


  1. GO TYRELL! We totally would have cheered you on at the finish line if we knew you were there. Those times are so awesome! I think those would be good times for me if I was only running ONE mile LOL. Tacoma is pretty but those hills are killer for sure. I'm glad you are back running!

  2. SUPER jealous and SO proud of you! Way to rock it girl. Running/racing gives you such a high! You should give triathlons a try. They are so fun and rewarding. I'm missing training, running, racing...everything so bad right now my heart hurts. That sounds dramatic but I'm not even kidding. I'm so happy for you!! :)