Wednesday, May 9, 2012

These Are The Days

After my race on Sunday, we took a little bike ride because it was so beautiful out.

We stopped by a little swing set for Ev to play on. 

He loves to go to this swing set because it has "sand" and he loves to put in on the slide, swings, and the ladder. (And maybe he likes to throw it in the grass, but don't tell...)

Everett played and Jake and I talked about how much we love the sunshine and how enjoyable Everett is. He is growing up so fast and is learning new things everyday. 

A few days prior, he discovered that he didn't actually hate the swings, so he gave them another shot. 

Oh man, he was so cute! Holding on so tight!

He also learned how to stand up after sliding down the slide... instead of landing on his bottom!


And then we buried him in the sand. 

Jake and I have looked forward to these days for... forever. When we imagined having kids, we always imaged exactly this. Playing with our little person/people and loving them even more and more everyday. We absolutely loved Everett as an infant, but these are the days we've been dreaming of. The more intelligible interactions and play. We LOVE his little personality and we love seeing him develop interests. 

These are the days. 

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  1. Go Everett! Mad slide skills. I wish "babies" just started at this age lol way more fun than little blobs.