Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two Big

Everett loves Cars, so I made him a Cars cake for his birthday. 
I love his cake almost as much as I love him!
Okay, not really. 
But I think it's AWESOME!

On his actual birthday we Skyped with part of my family in CO. 
We sang him happy birthday but he just wasn't feeling well. 

Last night he was feeling a little better, so we tried again. 
We lit the candles...

Apparently he hates fire. 
But loved his presents!

Everett loves Lightning McQueen and LOVES Mater, so I took him down the Cars aisle at Target. I showed him the Mater toy and he kept reaching past it to something else. So I gave him Lightning McQueen. He shook his head no. So I let him pick out what he wanted. And this was it:
(It was 3 weeks ago, so I think he'd forgotten)

The double decker bus from Car 2

He drove over every other present with his bus before opening it. And then after!

He'd also picked out some matchbox cars a few weeks ago. 

Then Jake and I gave him the gift we picked out. 

He's actually been driving his double decker bus through the barn too. 
He's such a funny kid. 

It's crazy to see how much he's grown in a year!

We love it though.
We wouldn't reverse a year for anything. 
He's so much more fun and enjoyable and we love watching him grow and develop his interests. 
Happy Birthday little boy Everett!


  1. That cake is awesome! Happy Birthday, Everett!

  2. Happy Birthday Ev! I tried to post that on your facebook but it might have ended up a status update on accident from my phone so idk if you saw it lol.

  3. He's so cute.. happy bday ev.. :p
    _jill and e