Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two Year Old Everett

The little guy is two. 
Here's what he's like:

LOVES water. Mostly water outside. He's graduated from the bathtub.

There has only been one day this whole year so far when it's been warm enough for the baby pool. I filled it up that morning and let the sun warm the water. Then around 4 o'clock it was warm enough to play in. He had a blast and I felt like the best mom ever!

He also still likes bike rides and stroller rides. And he's been attached to Jeffery the Giraffe lately. 

He cries in the car if he doesn't have his pacifier. He also loves to stick his hand out the window. 

He is very much into the little cars...

His eye hand coordination is very good. Along with his visual spacial skills. Which is probably why he enjoys puzzles and things with small parts. 

He can still build a wicked tall tower

And he still makes the best faces

He's a mighty picky eater.
He recently decided that he hates chicken nuggets too. 
We are pretty much down to sugar...

... pretzels ... 

... crunchy granola bars and crackers.  

I finally figured him out the other day. 
He was eating Life cereal, and after a few bites he starting spitting it out. After a few mornings of this I realized that he is a man of texture. Crunchy is his one and only. If it's not crunchy, he probably won't eat it. 

SOMETIMES he will eat frozen things (like blueberries because they are a little crunchy) but it's hit or miss. 

Despite his pickiness, he's still growing... and growing out of most of his clothes. 

So I finally bought some clothes for him the other day... and he wanted to wear all of them at once. 
He went to tumbling tots last month. He really liked running around but had a hard time 'stretching' and listening and following any sort of direction. But he's two and I just wanted him to have fun, not learn somersaults. 

He's VERY into his pacifier. More so now than before. 

Covers his ears when there is any loud noise. Even the microwave!

Of course, he still loves trains. (And a toy horse that my sister gave him.)

He really, really likes cartoons and movies. He's been watching a lot of it lately.
I think we're both extremely ready for it to be consistently nice outside.
We've run out of ideas to occupy our time... so I'm okay with the TV.
Just last week he discovered Jungle Junction at the gym (it's a cartoon) and I found one episode on TV so I recorded it. He's watched it at least 25 times. Other than that, he likes Mickey Mouse, Thomas, Chuggington, and Super Why. The only movies we own are Cars 1 & 2, Rio, Tangled, and The Lion King and he watches them all.
He dances to the music on the shows... he even starts to dance when he knows the music is about to start.

He is very timid and shy. Unless you try to steal his toy.
He's quiet in public, unless he's crying for something he can't have.
He sleeps well and goes to bed without crying 90% of the time.
He gets a surge of energy when Jake comes home and it's endearing to watch them play.
It's the most adorable thing in the whole world to hear him play and make car/animal noises.
He really enjoys coloring. A lot.
He's very sensitive. Like his parents.
He's also very cautious. Especially with new things.
He loves to push us over and then help us back up. He loves roughhousing.

That's our little boy. We love him so much!

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