Monday, May 28, 2012

We Read The New Testament

Before Everett was born, I decided that I'd read the Book of Mormon to him. 
I wanted to finish by his first birthday. 

I did. 

Then I decided that I'd read The New Testament to him next... hoping to be done by his second birthday. 

I finished it about a week ago. 

It was a little harder to read it to him as he got older. I discovered that if i read it to him while he was eating breakfast, he was quite, still, and listened to at least a chapter. Sometimes I got through two. I even read to him during the remodel...

I learned a lot and my testimony of The New Testament grew even more. 

Now we're on to The Old Testament. I'm hoping to be done by Everett's third birthday!

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  1. Good luck with the Old Testament. Ace and I are reading it right now and some of the stories are harder to fathom.