Friday, June 15, 2012

Dirty, Dirty Day

I've decided that I don't like blogging anymore. 

It just seems like every time I write about (anything) it changes the very next day... and I swear it's just because I wrote it down. 

About two weeks ago I wrote about Everett and how he loves water and baths. He's had one bath since then. It was because he was sitting on my lap this morning and I could smell rotten milk... and it was him. I tried to build up how awesome taking a bath would be, but still he refused. So I bathed and scrubbed a screaming mountain cub until he was clean. 

Then we went shopping for a father's day gift, to see the ducks, and then to the park. 

He went down the slide once and then we ended up burying his legs in the rocks where the merry-go-round used to be (too bad they don't exist anymore... best thing ever!)

This is a great way to keep your child (who suddenly hates baths) clean....

He grabbed the pole (that was still coated in grease) and his hands were filthy. Like he pressed his hand onto an ink pad. 

I tried cleaning him up with a water bottle and some of his old sweat pants that were in the car. I only scratched the surface on his dirty body. 

We needed some fresh fruit and vegetables from the store and stopped to grab a few before going home. He always ends up eating or drinking something from the store... today it was a chocolate protein drink. 

While I was picking out kiwi, he spilled it all over the produce aisle. (and my feet)

It's a good thing I love him way too much. (Things like that don't make me mad or embarrassed (because he didn't do it on purpose) it's just another one of those not-awesome things that happen)... but just because I wrote that I'll probably start getting really mad and embarrassed when things like this happen.

He also ended up with some sugar free chocolate covered pretzels from the bulk food section. By the time we got home, he was one dirty boy. At least he was a cute, dirty boy. I snapped a picture but he was ignoring me. I asked him to look so he shot me a glare. 

Still thinking that he's cute, I asked if he could smile... sorry I asked. He put both hands on his head and smeared them down his face. What was I thinking by asking him to smile!? He's like a ticking time bomb. 

I also wrote about how he's been so good and enjoyable lately. That changed too. Just like him not crying before naps and bedtime. Now it's an hour ordeal (at least). I guess I'll just stop blogging about my life and Everett because as soon as I say anything good, it changes. I just wish it worked the same way for all of the bad things. 

Maybe I'm just being superstitious, but it happens way too often to ignore. So here's to only blogging about things that have already happened... and that's it. 


  1. I was about to say, he's going to love baths again since you blogged of him not wanting to take them, haha!

  2. It's amazing how ordeals with kiddos change SO frequently. Seriously, you are not alone! I've gotten used to realizing most things are phases, and the whole "this too shall pass" is a common phrase in my head. So don't be hard on yourself, and keep blogging. Because, the fact that you DO write it down, means you'll have something positive to reflect on so you'll know at one time it was good/bad, and it will give you a bit of hope for the future :) I do, however need you to know, that I have no idea if this makes sense. I mean well, but I'm totally on pain meds and can't really tell up from down at the moment.... so either way, just have a great day :D