Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Picnic At Spire Rock

Today was warm and sunny and it was totally worth celebrating. 

I know that pretty much everyone else that lives in the US has been basking in the sun and probably has tan lines already, but here in the northwest we're just getting started. We've had a few very random days of niceness followed by weeks of dark clouds and rain.... so we celebrate the nice days because it might be weeks before we can enjoy it again.

Jake's office is near a big recreation center/park and it even has a little rock climbing rock. So I packed a picnic and we met him there after work. 

We had egg salad sandwiches, kiwi, celery w/peanut butter, and rice krispy treats. Oh yeah! :)

After the picnic we climbed a few routes on the rock. 

It was the first time we've climbed in at least 3 years... I actually think it's been 4. 
Funny though, I'm 5 lbs lighter and a lot stronger than I was when we first started climbing... Jake is about 15 lbs heavier and a lot less strong. The tables have turned! We both did really good still. 
It got me super pumped to rock climb a lot more. 
We always want to go but there aren't a ton of places to go around here. 
This rock is kind-of (in our opinions) in a much less-than-nice part of town. 
Lots of graffiti, trash, and swear words around. Not an ideal place for a two-year-old (or us). 
We actually secured Everett to whomever was belaying... with a rope and some carabiners.  
He wasn't a big fan of that but we didn't want him to run off too far (or someone to snatch him) while the other person was stuck on the rock. 

We had a good time regardless. Everett even climbed a little. 

At the top of the rock we had a big, clear, beautiful view of the mountain. It's always so beautiful at the end of the day when the sun is shining on it. 

We took Ev over to the playground and had a good time after the rock. 

(Pictures from a different park earlier in the day...)

He was a dirty mess afterwards. 
The bottoms of his feet were almost black by the time we got him into the tub!
It was such a nice day. Like 75 degrees and perfect kind of day. But seeing how that's only like the 4th or 5th day over 70 this entire year... I think we deserve it!

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