Monday, June 4, 2012


The pacifier has been chopped. And so had all happiness and contentment. :-/
It's almost like I'm trying to run an addiction recovery program.
Things aren't going so well.

All jokes aside, this past week has been very challenging. I swear Everett is the whiniest kid in the entire world and nothing makes him happy. He is so hard to please. I love his guts so much and that's why these stages/extreme mood swings he's going through make life so tough right now. I know that every kid is different but I just feel like I deserve a little more happiness and love from that little boy. It seriously makes me so sad. My fingers are still crossed that this means he'll be the best teenager ever. 

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  1. Good luck. Taking away the pacifier is right up there with potty training. It's miserable. Jakob loves his pacifier so my day is coming....