Friday, July 27, 2012

Early Anniversary Adventures

We'll celebrate 6 years of marriage on the 10th of August... which happens to be the date my brother and his fiancé picked as their wedding day, too. 

P.S. my brother is getting married!

So we'll be in Colorado celebrating with him and the rest of the families on our special day... so we took a little pre-anniversary trip (although we'll probably celebrate in CO too)

And just as promised, Jake took me to Oregon for our little anniversary adventure.

 We aren't really the dress-up-and-eat-fancy-food type of anniversary celebrators... in fact, we had a BBQ and cupcakes for our reception and played a little game of soccer afterwards. Almost every anniversary prior to this one has involved mountain + bike + downhill + adventure. So we are the type of people to spend our money on thrills like glider plane rides. 

We drove to my sister's house (in Portland) the night before where I almost died. Of laughter. 
My sister and I are as different as sister can possibly be but she is the only person who can get me laughing the way she does. We reminisced about spending the summers with our Dad and how we'd always gain 10 pounds each and how our Mom would make us brush our teeth for 5 minutes with baking soda (and a timer) once we got back home. We laughed about things our parents said and did until most of the stories were told... 

The next morning we drove to Hood River, OR for our glider ride. 

Once the tow pilot unhooked, it was freedom. 
Getting back in a car afterwards was awful. Jake wants to get his pilot's license now. 

After that we went to the waterfalls

The water was as cold as a workout. 

You hate it so so so much (because it was so so so freezing) but as soon as you got out it felt AMAZING and want to do it again. 


(I was on my tip-toes... and freezing!)

Jake had to crawl through the basement bathroom window at my sister's house to get back in. They were gone and locked us out. 

Once the girls were back home we went to one of their (my sister + Lucy)'s favorite food-carts-gone-resturant. Mexican food. 
I don't know what they did to the refried beans there but I wanted more! We also made our way back to the place that makes incredible rice balls and other fancy treats. We loaded up on the eclairs, rice balls with caramel dipping sauce, pistachio sandwich cookies, and a giant chocolate cookie with caramel and sea salt. $20 later we were stuffed. 

Later Jake and I went to see the new Spiderman movie. The movie was awesome, way better than the last Spiderman. 

The next morning, just like the previous one, we went to the Waffle Window... and then drove back home. 

Best anniversary yet!


  1. Happy almost anniversary!! Your trip looks amazing! So glad you got to go and have fun! P.S. This is Ashlee, not Mama Martin. :)

  2. congrats on 6 years!!! crazy!!! that looks so fun!!! and I know what you mean about dress up and eat fancy--- nate and i are not like that either. nate and i wanna hang out, so lets do it soon, or whenever... and lets plan our camping trip. love you!

    p.s. you are so gorgeous in these pics!