Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Freedom Celebration

There is a part of me that will always miss the small town parade and fireworks on the 4th of July, but the 4th in the city is just as great. 

Our day was split up into three equally awesome parts:
The hike
The lake party
The fireworks

Washington has some amazing hiking and we've failed to really take advantage of it over the past 5 years. But with only 2 months of comfortable hiking weather a year, I think we can forgive ourselves. A majority of the hikes and rock climbing routes are about an hour north of us and we headed up that way yesterday. 

We hiked Little Si.
Mt. Si is the big mountain in the picture and Little Si is to the left of the last tall tree (you can barely, barely see the top of it) 5 miles round trip. 

(GREATEST picture ever!)

The trail was awesome. Lots of exposed tree roots, tons of moss, a little stream, and even a miniature mud pit!

About half way up there was a little trail that led to some pretty extreme rock climbing routes... you can barely see a guy in a blue shirt in one of them. 

Everett started being a punk about 3/4 of the way up. It's probably because we're the best parents ever and forgot to bring any sort of food or snacks... and water for us. (We could've taken a swig of Everett's water but there was MiraLax mixed in it so we just went thirsty :) But not to worry, we brought the essentials... the camera and phone. So we carried him in our arms off and on for the last little bit. We eventually caved and let him play games on my phone. He's such a little junkie. 

(The only pic of us on the hike)

We finally reached the top and it was beautiful.

(Mt. Si)

The trip down wasn't too bad. Everett was still being a punk but nice people and tons and tons of dogs made him not so bad. He loves any type of animal so it was nice that every third person on this hike was a dog. They were nice distractions for him.

We finally made it to the car after telling him we were "almost there" a million times and had lunch. PB&J, cherries, and granola bars.... all of which would have been nice to have ON our hike!

Then we headed to the lake party.

Everett was king of the beach ball.... and the ladies!

We went out on the boat a few times. Everett even tried a little tubing...

Everett is the most cautious little boy ever. He cracked a smile a few times on the ride but was mostly unsure of the whole thing. I wish he knew how cool it was to be on a boat and ride the tube! He loved dry ground and beach ball soccer the most. 

Ernie held the ball out for him to kick... he ran up to it, stopped, and then started flexing. He's such a funny little kid. 

When it started to get dark we snuggled up and waited for the fireworks to start. Everyone let off their own show so we were getting fireworks from every angle. It was pretty awesome... I especially loved the reflection in the water. 


My camera battery died about 1/2 hour before the grand finale which was awesome... but I walked away with over 600 pictures from our 4th of July celebrations and there wasn't even a parade! I'm a picture junkie. 

We had such a good day and it was nice to be able to celebrate with family and friends. We feel so blessed to have each other, to enjoy our freedoms, and to be Americans! 

In God we trust. 

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