Monday, July 9, 2012

Saturday Farmer's Market

Jake had left for his 'guy's trip' on Friday (the one that was canceled a few weeks prior because of the rain) so Everett and I had chocolate peanut butter smoothies after the gym and then went to play at the duck park. 

Everett loves the Geese and was almost successful at petting one! 

This little boy is wild for animals and will go up to every single dog at the park and pet it. It's so cute and kind-of makes me feel a tiny bit guilty that we will probably never own a dog... but he pets them once and then walks away so the guilt is always short lived. 

We played at the park for a really long time and then went to a friend's house to borrow her battery charger. My camera battery died on the 4th and I can't find my charger. My friend has almost the exact camera so we stopped by and ended up staying a while. 

Turns out, one of the slight differences in our camera's is the battery and my battery doesn't fit into her charger. So Saturday morning I spent a while looking for it. I still can't find it and I'm totally bummed. To get over my mopey state I decided to take Everett to the Farmer's Market in Downtown Puyallup that they have in the Summer. Jake and I used to go all of the time when we lived just up the road. 

By the time I got there Everett had fallen asleep. There were tons of people there. I laid Everett in the stroller and started walking around. I broke my sunglasses the night before at the park so I had to squint the whole time. I realized that everything was cash only and I only had plastic money. I felt frustrated, alone, hungry, and super jealous that Jake was on a boys trip having a blast. I sat on a park bench and pouted for a few minutes before giving myself a little pep talk. 

I walked down the street to Safeway and bought 3 bananas, some trail mix and got cash back. Then I went back to the food carts and got a crazy delicious gyro and some strawberry lemonade for $5. As soon as I got my food, Everett woke up and my day was instantly better!

After I ate my new found love (gyros) and Everett ate the M&M's out of the trail mix, we went and visited the adopt-a-dog booth. Everett pet the dogs and then we headed to the little splash pool. My day was getting better and better. 

Everett is not very independent in public so we walked around in the water hand-in-hand and had a good time. He looked so cute in his swim clothes and I wanted a picture... apparently he was a little "crabby" lol!

After a while they kicked everyone out to drain it and re-fill it with clean water. 

We went and danced next to the cute couple playing the guitar and violin with their instrument cases open and filled with change. We listened to the singer on stage and enjoyed a little 'people watching.'

We went to the park (just a few feet away). Everett hopped out of the stroller and started running for the playground and I dug through the stroller for the sunscreen.... not even a second later, I look up and see him running right behind the swings... I screamed, dropped the sunscreen, and ran. Everett got nailed by the swings, BIG TIME. A little girl (FAR too big for the baby swings) was swinging as high as you could possible swing and came backwards right into Everett's forehead. I literally watched him get smashed in the head, fly backwards (he was parallel to the ground) and then land in the wood chips. I felt terrible. 

He had an instant, huge goose egg. It turned blue a few hours later :(

He ended up playing games on my phone while we waited to the little splash pool to fill up again. We played for a while in the water and then tried the park one last time. 

I have a really hard time with how rude kids are on the playground.... and especially on a emotional roller coaster day like Saturday. Everett wanted to go down the tube slide and a couple of boys were just camped in it. I asked them to slide out and they said no, they were hiding. "We'll this is a slide and you should go down so that we can"   "no"   So we went on a different slide until they got out and climbed ON TOP the tube slide.  Everett went down the tube slide a few times and then was about to sit down and slide again when one of the kids on top of the slide stepped down onto his head. I was so angry and annoyed with every parent there that wasn't watching their child. 

Playgrounds don't babysit your kids, you still need to watch them... or maybe even play with them. And that girl in the baby swing that knocked Everett was at least 5 or 6 and way too big to be in there. The swings are designed so that the parent has to lift the child up, put them in, and then push them. There was no parent supervising how high she was going. I just get bugged when stuff like this happens. 

We left right after the slide incident and headed over to my in laws for a BBQ and yard games. Everett was really fascinated with the adult horseshoe game Grandpa and uncle Myke were playing, so Grandpa played some kid horseshoes with Everett. 

Everett splashed his legs in the pool for a little bit, ate popsicles and sting cheese, kicked the beach ball around like a little soccer star and then we had s'mores by the fire (made with Reeses). Yum!

Saturday was jam packed with ups and downs. Poor Everett got a little beat up but everything was fine in the end. I'm thankful he's so tough and that he got hit right in the forehead and not his nose, eye, ear... or anywhere else for that matter. 


  1. I totally know what you mean about the playground and parents not watching their kids. Cameron got pushed from the top of the stairs which resulted in a huge black eye, which has still not completely healed. . . he might have a perma-dimple by his eye forever! I was so annoyed that no parents even saw the pusher or said anything to him (granted he was probably only two, but still). Good thing kids are resilient.

  2. Call me when your lonely. I will hang out with you