Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Strawberries

We are loving our Summer strawberries!

We didn't buy our house for the house. We bought it for the yard. It has a GIANT yard and that's exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to be able to have a swing set, sandbox, trampoline, fire pit, room to play catch, and still have enough room for a garden and a greenhouse. So we settled on the smaller house, fixed it up, and waited for Summer to roll around. 

Well, Summer is almost here and we still don't have a swing set, trampoline, fire pit, greenhouse or garden.... but we have plenty of room for catch :) 

Truth be told, we are burnt out. 

Fixing up the inside of our house was long and hard (and definitely not recommended). When it came time to pay attention to the reason we bought our house, we just couldn't do it. We are taking the Summer off from any home improvement or project. Including gardening. Luckily I brought over my blueberry bush and strawberry plants from our last house. At least we'll have some berries. 

And by WE and I mean EVERETT will have some berries. He loves them so much. It's fine with me because he's probably getting all 5 of his fruit servings a day eating the strawberries!

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