Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Taste Of Nostalgia

For old times' sake we went to the farmer's market again on Saturday. 

I had every intention of getting a gyro and berry lemonade again but the booth wasn't there. Instead I got halibut salad. Holy monkey the halibut was good. Best I've ever had. 

But right under the fish were gobs and gobs of the ever-so-nasty Gorgonzola cheese. 
So I ate the fillet and any lettuce not contaminated by the nasty cheese. 
Jake gave me a few bites of his pulled pork sandwich... which was delicious and reminded me of the town BBQ's in AZ with my Dad... which made the sandwich even that much better. 
Nostalgia never tasted so delicious!

The only way we could make our trip to the farmer's market more complete was to stop and get a cupcake. When faced with so many choices we opted for the 1/2 dozen option. We couldn't chose just one! 

Mint chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, red velvet w/cream cheese frosting, moose tracks with caramel frosting, lime cheesecake, and orange creme. 

Then Everett woke up to a slice of pepperoni pizza. That kid is so spoiled. 
So are we.

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