Sunday, August 5, 2012

America's Car Museum

There's a brand new, huge car museum in Tacoma. So Jake and I went with his Dad, Grandpa Jack, and his younger sister. 

It was so cool
Tons and tons of old, restored cars everywhere
4 floors of cars

My favorite cars are from the 50's

Jake's favorite

Grandpa Jack's favorite

Oh man the cars were so cool. That's probably why I took 250+ pictures. I'm a junkie. 

I loved this one.... especially the tires.

-We all loved the museum. There were so many different types of cars... including the Flintstone mobile and the back to the future car. 

-I LOVED the motorcycle section and there was even a vintage crotch rocket. 

-I wanted to hop on the Vespa and ride away... maybe someday I'll get one. 

-We all drooled over the $200,000 Ferrari California. It was so awesome.

-The last section of the museum had the 1911 Baker Electric. It even had a charging station. 

-Here's the cost comparison 

-If you're ever in Tacoma and want to go to the museum, you can't miss it... it's the giant silver armadillo!


  1. I love going to car museums and shows too! I am always amazed to see vintage cars hoping that one day, I can buy one for myself. Of all the photos, what caught my attention most was the Flintstone’s mobile! I haven’t seen a replica of it before, and I have to say, it really looks just like the one on TV.

    -Dewey Setlak

  2. Looking at the pictures makes me want to go to Tacoma right away! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! Oh no, this isn’t right! I’m more excited of going to America’s Car Museum than visiting my best friend in Tacoma. :D

  3. AWESOME CLASSICS!!! You may consider these vintage cars as old by their age, but with how they look, it’s like they’re telling you that they have never been on the road! Wow! Man, they are all gleaming!