Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Colorado Vacation

Well, our trip to Colorado was a long one. In a good way. We haven't been to Colorado since Ev was 10 months old... so we went for Wesley's wedding and stayed a whole bunch of extra days for good measure. Of course we had fun. Here are the highlights. 

We said goodbye to our Washington family and got on a plane and flew to Denver.... then boarded the smallest airplane of my life (like two seats on one side of the aisle and one on the other.... the "overhead compartment" was big enough for maybe a sandwich) and flew to Durango. Everett did really good. I'd been dreading it for months and it wasn't too bad. My family picked us up as soon as our midnight plane landed. 

The next day Montana and Lucy flew in and we all played a few hilarious rounds of badminton.  

Everett had fun playing with his cousin... who LOVES hugs and pushing and tackling (all in the name of love) but Everett doesn't even like to be touched... 

That night we had a big, delicious family dinner. I loved the homemade jalapeƱo peppers and my dad couldn't stay away from the frog eyed salad. Everett stayed away from all of it because he only eats crackers. We've got some wood to chop with that little boy. 

The next morning we drove to Monticello, UT for Wesley and Echo's sealing. Their reception that night was awesome but I didn't get a single picture. 

 (Jake and I both almost forgot it was our anniversary. Happy 6 years to us!)

My littlest sister had a pig at the fair... so we all went to the fair the next day. It was a tiny, tiny fair... but a fair nonetheless. 

We all ate BBQ and then Everett danced on the grass to the live music. Then played in the tree...

We bought a few ride tickets and let Everett choose his rides. 
He waited 15 minutes to ride in this little car!

We went down the slide twice... and that was all of the fun we could afford. $9!!!! 
Good thing parking and admission were free. 

Of course Sunday was church and then Monday we went crawdad fishing in the pond. 
My little bro caught the biggest one. 

That night we had made plans to go to the Bar D Chuck-wagon. I've been at least 15 times in my life and it's always been such a good experience. I have the best memories there. But all that morning and the night before my grandma hadn't been feeling well. Very horrible, actually. By noon my mom took her to the emergency room for testing. There were a number of things that could have been wrong but they didn't really know what exactly. 

Grandma told us kids to go ahead and go to the Bar D alone (since my mom and step dad stayed with her). Grandma's a big fan of the Bar D too and didn't want us to miss it.  So we went. 

Everett went crazy over the train. He even got to go for a ride and sit in front. 

We found this new playground and it was so awesome. Everett was going WILD!


We went in all of the shops and then found our seats and played some games before dinner started. Then we got news that Grandma and our parents were going to make it after all. Grandma was miraculously feeling 100x's better and didn't want to miss the fun night. 

Group photos while we were waiting for the best cowboy BBQ EVER! 
I dream about Bar D BBQ. 

Oh yeah! BBQ beef, beans, a biscuit dripping with honey and butter, a baked potato, apple sauce, and spice cake. I ate all of it... and had seconds on the beef and beans. Yum.

The only thing better than the food is the entertainment. 

There is a separate corner in my heart that belongs to the Bar D. I love it so much. The singers in the purple and red shirts have been there every summer of my life. Si (purple) has been there every day they've been open since June 1969 and Gary Cook (red) has been there for 26 years. 

The guitarist with the tan hat has only been there two summers and this was the first time Jake and I have heard him. We were both about to die laughing. He did a spoof on Ghost Riders In The Sky... low riders in the sky... he was good! We're so glad #1 that Grandma was feeling better and #2 that she could enjoy the Bar D with us because it was awesome.

The next day was Jake's last day in Colorado so we went to Serious Texas BBQ and got Texas tacos. Holy smokes they're good. 

 Then we walked downtown Durango a bit.

 We stopped by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and had some caramel apples and Everett got a treat of his own. This is exactly how it went down...

Holy crap, Mom. This is for me?

Oooohhhhhhh Mom, I think I'm in love!

Yes, yes that was love all right....

Right after that we took Jake to the airport to fly home. Everett and I stayed another 5 days. 

The last 5 days looked like this:

Playing in the irrigation

Washing off the irrigation water

Feeding the fish in the backyard pond

Playing on the trampoline

Playing piano with Aunt Effie

Running through the irrigation again

And again

Looking cute

 Shoving trains down the irrigation pipe

Jumping on the trampoline again

And on the very last day we went to Vallecito reservoir and rented a pontoon boat. 
Everett and I hung out in the tube and ate an entire bag of cheddar sun chips. Don't judge :)

It started to get cloudy and rainy around 2:30 so we saddled up and went home. Good times. 

The next day we said good bye and came home. We spent a total of 10 days and 11 nights. One of my sisters gave us her room and slept on the couch all of those nights. Phew, that's love if you ask me. We had such a good time. Can't wait to do it again. 


  1. you look so much like your mom!! looks like fun!!!

  2. We miss you guys already :( Looks like you had fun though! Call me when life settles down again!

  3. Tyrell,it was so good to see you. Loved reading your posts. Congrats on your move!! Everett is adorable and sounds like he had a fun Colorado adventure. (Oh, and loved the picture of my sweet old piano!) Good blessings to you there in Arizona. Robin Randolph