Thursday, August 30, 2012


We've been here about 10 days and we're in love. We feel like we're on vacation with views like this... 

and activities like this....

and a toddler that looks like this...

(I swear he's a boy....)

We hardly make laundry because Everett doesn't wear clothes...

We love it here. We've been pretty lucky though. We ended up in a nice house close to everything we could want. It seriously takes 2 minutes to get to the grocery store, we can ride our bikes to the city park/pool, there are restaurants on pretty much every major street corner, and shopping is a dream come true. 

The very first night we were in AZ we went to Panda Express for dinner. This was my "fortune":

And oddly enough, it came true on Sunday. My old summer neighbor/friend/babysitter walked up to me after church said hi and said she saw us walk in. CRAZY! We grew up about 4.5 hours away from here. We were both so excited... she even brought us dinner the next night. 

Not only that, but another old neighbor lives about 15 minutes away and he and his family had us over for dinner a few nights ago. They have a little boy a few months older than Everett and the two of them just ran around all night. It was awesome. 

We're so happy to be here and that so many friends and neighbors have been so hospitable. We feel right at home. 


  1. Glad you guys are settling in so well! I was wondering how you all were doing in the heat--looks like you are dealing with it just fine!

  2. I'm so happy for you guys! I'm happy that you are happy where you are and that things are turning out so well. I'm happy that you are pregnant. Congrats!! I'm happy that you live in a place where we will actually get to see you! I have 2 sisters in AZ that you guys should totally hook up with. One is in Gilbert and the other in Mesa. I'm just so happy that you are happy!