Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How We Got Here

Oh man, where to begin.

Sometimes it's just better to rip the bandaid off and get it over with.

Back in March, when our kitchen was a nice mix of discussing and unusable, I told Jake that I wanted to move. He looked at me a little weird and then I said... "well, I don't want to move to a different house, I want to move move... like away from here. I want to move back to Utah or something."

The great thing about our marriage is that we can say things like this to each other.

He asked me if I was being serious and I said YES! Then he told me about some of the things he'd already been looking into and that moving to Utah was a possibility. We talked about all of the great things ahead of us... all while working on the kitchen. The next day I told Jake that I'd changed my mind... I wanted to move to Arizona instead. I love Utah with all of my heart but I just felt that it wasn't the place for us. Jake and I have the best memories there but we needed somewhere new. Jake smiled and said that he was thinking the exact same thing. I love the way we work.

Jake started researching his options and we finished the house as fast as we could. I decorated it without any personal items and pictures because we knew we'd have to sell it and I didn't want to personalize our house anymore than we already had.

It was definitely emotional thinking about all we'd done to our house in such a short about of time and know that we'd lose a big chunk of money selling it.

We finished the house and then a few weeks later we put it on the market. We listed it June 2nd and it was sold on the 3rd. Jake had just completed his six week long interview and had received a job offer. We were thrilled and knew that heaven was on our side.

We moved out of our house on July 1st but Jake's new job in Arizona didn't start until late August. Plus, Jake was still running his agency in Washington... which is why we couldn't tell anyone about the new job... except family. So we put everything into a storage unit and moved in with some friends that have a huge 5 bedroom house. We rented two of the rooms for the month of July and then we moved in with Jake's family for the last ten days before we left for Colorado.

When Jake flew back to Washington it was just to load the moving truck and drive it to Arizona. One of our really good friends drove one of our vehicles and Jake pulled the other one behind the moving truck. They broke the 1,500 mile journey up into three days. They were basically driving from Canada to Mexico. When they got here, just on Saturday, 12 men were here to help unload the truck... including two of my brother's friends that were at his wedding a week prior.

My mom and little sister drove Everett and I to Arizona on Sunday and we've been unpacking since. So far we love our house, the neighborhood, and AZ. We are so happy with the way things have turned out. We are so blessed and we're so grateful for all of the help we've had in this process. We're still trying to soak it all in, sometimes we just can't believe that we did it.

The last year of my life has been by far the hardest year of my life. Just the emotions of buying and remodeling a house were enough to kill me... but then to turn around and sell it was over the top. I look at pictures of my face a year ago and I look 5 years younger. It was just so stressful and emotional and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Add in a toddler who still isn't talking and all of those worries and emotions. Keeping all of this a secret wasn't easy either. I didn't even get to say goodbye to my friends in Washington. Add on top of that Jake's new career and I'm really not even sure how I'm still alive. BUT for every worry and stress there has been countless blessings that make it all worth it. Without a doubt, I know that God knows me and my family and he's been guiding us along this entire time.

So here we are in Arizona. With a refrigerator full of Gatorade and beef jerky (Jake's left over driving snacks), a toddler going wild over his toys he hasn't seen in over 6 weeks, and the messiest garage you've ever seen. And we are so, so, so happy to be here.

Jake and Everett are playing in the backyard pool and I'm in my new croffice trying my best just to tell the summed up version of the last six months of our lives.

This is me in my new croffice, the first room I unpacked:

And this is me in my new room when I turn sideways:


  1. I miss you already. We are going to come visit when you have BABY #2 !!! YAY, THE NEWS IS OUT!!! I am still so happy for you guys. I love you and miss you... lets go cruising after you have your little baby!

  2. We miss you already! Sawyer would say "everett?" whenever we got home for awhile :( I had to keep saying he's not here anymore...though I'm sure half of it is the awesome train set is gone lol.

  3. Yay! Welcome back to AZ! It sure is a great place to live! What a crazy year you have had! When I see pictures of you, you look just as young and beautiful as you did when we worked at the pool 7 (?) years ago! If you ever make it up to eagar let me know, we will have to get together!

  4. PS sorry for the overload of exclamation marks. Just excited I guess:)

  5. Your prego and did not even say anything!!!! Congrats I want details!

  6. Congrats on the little baby bump! How exciting. I can't even believe what a crazy year you have had. Hopefully things will slow down for you and you won't burn up in the AZ heat! Good luck with all of your new changes!

  7. Holy Smokes! That is quite the adventure! I was just thinking of you and thinking we should get together... I guess not! :) Best wishes in Arizona and congrats on the new baby!!!

  8. I am going to cry! I had no idea you moved. I'm glad everything went well but I am so sad you guys are gone. And I'm so proud of you for taking the plunge and having another baby! :) In some ways it is easier to have two. Good luck! I wish you all the best!!!

  9. Ok - where in AZ did you move? Bob and I have a house in Peoria and would love to see you when we are down there. Call me (970) 749-9481 when you get a chance. So happy for your new addition and your new home and location. Wishing only the best for you and your family. Jody and Bob

  10. Tyrelly! I am so happy for your new baby! Almost as happy as I was when you said you were thinking of moving back to Utah. I was SUPER excited about that, but you dashed my hopes real quick like. ;) Hope everything is going well!

  11. Yay! Very exciting news all around! And Congrats on baby #2! -Samantha

  12. Wow what news! From this post I find out brother is married! You've moved and baby is coming, congrats Marie