Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NorthWest Trek

We went to NorthWest Trek a few days ago with our good friends. 

We got there as soon as they opened and took a ride on the tram. We didn't even have to leave the station before seeing some moose. 

*We learned about the trumpet swan and how they mate for life. After 14 years this poor little trumpet swan lost her man :( 

When we got off of the tram we stopped for some nachos and kettle corn. Then we were off to see the rest of the wildlife. 



Black bear

Racoon and tons and tons of other wildlife. 

We went into a replica of an observation cabin... (Jake was reenacting a rediculious parking lot scenario from earlier that week)

We had a good time "exploring wildlife" and letting Everett run around the trails. He had such a good time with his buddy Audrey. She is so good to him :)

It was a super warm day and Everett was red faced from all of his running around so we took his shirt off. Then he really was in heaven!

Good times, good times.


  1. You have such a handsome little man! He really is so adorable and has such a great smile :-)

  2. what day did you go?? We went on Saturday and saw the same moose right at the gate. Too bad we didn't see you guys. I'd love to get together with you someday! Sigh.