Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tyrell And The GIANT Peach... Weeks 1-12

Friday night I had a dream that I gave birth to our child... a boy... weighing 11 lbs!!!!
I also dreamt that my brother and I were trying to get a post office box for my dad and it was going to cost $8,000 a year. And then we had a dance party in the post office. 
I've had the most absurd dreams this past week.

On Wednesday, Jake and Everett came with me to my first dr. visit. I was really hoping that the dr. would say that I was much farther along then I am because I feel like a boat already. But he pronounced me 11 weeks, 2 days... which was exactly my assumption. Here is the little thing:

We heard the heartbeat and even saw it dance a little. It was very reassuring that feeling like poo hasn't been in vain... and that I am indeed growing another human. I am one of the lucky pregnant ladies that doesn't ever actually throw up... but I just feel like I'm going to all day. It was the worst at 6 weeks but by 9 weeks I was feeling better. Then, in Colorado, I had the WORST. GAS. EVVVVVER. Holy batman, it was bad. But as soon as we came to AZ it's been gone. I no longer smell like a sewer plant. I am over 100% positive that it was the water that was making me so stinky. That experience brings a whole new meaning to "there must be something in the water" lol. 

So, at 12 weeks, I feel pretty good. Pretty good for a pregnant lady that is (which is just "ok" in normal life). Every few hours I start to feel pretty dumpy... so I have to eat something and then I feel better. Which explains why I look like a whale already. Here's how the equation works: 
no throwing up + eating every 10 minutes = feeling huge

I know that most women show sooner in their 2nd+ pregnancies, but by 8 weeks I looked like I was 15 weeks or more with Everett. Just for comparison purposes...

13 weeks-Ev                       16 weeks- Ev 

   10 weeks this time

   20 weeks-Ev

12 weeks this time

By 12 weeks your baby is typically the size of a peach.... that's one giant peach!

And the biggest kicker of all... I started this pregnancy 5 lbs lighter than I did with Ev and I somehow look bigger. The weird thing is that I still don't even weigh as much as I did before Ev was even conceived. Maybe it's just more belly, less body this time (if that makes any sense). But, I still have a LOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go and I feel like March 10th is forever away. 

There is a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel though. Dr said that if Ev was over 8 lbs that means that my additional babies could be 9 lbs or more, so if I want, he'll induce me early. Something is telling me that it's best for my body to decide when to go into labor... but I might change my mind in the next 6 1/2 months. We'll see. For now, we have to get through almost every holiday except for independence day before this peach-of-a-person is born. 


  1. So exciting Tyrell! I was talking to sweet Bridget yesterday and she told me you were due in March. Im due in Feb. Our kids are all going to be best buds! Also Im glad to hear someone else is feeling HUGE already! I am huge on the scale as well but Im grateful to be feeling better so stack on the numbers:-)...but not really:-). Hope AZ is all you wanted/needed. Miss you!

  2. WHOA! That's crazy, plus I heard the reason you show sooner is because your stomach muscles are loosened up and with all your running I figured you would have super tight abs and not show forever!

  3. I would also like to add that I cracked up at that toothbrushing picture. LOL!

  4. Oh how pregnancy sucks... I was twice as sick with Brooke as I was with Avery, and I started showing sooner as well. I threw up every single day of the whole entire stupid 9 months. Every time I brushed my teeth. So you are ever so lucky to have a tooth brushing shot :) But don't feel bad about showing more. I had to tell everyone a whole lot sooner than I was planning on because I needed all my maternity clothes back from my sister-in-laws! You have an absolutely adorable little belly. And even though I started showing earlier with Brooke, I didn't end up getting as big with here's hoping! I am so excited for you guys though!!!