Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hot Soccer Tournament

My 16 year-old sister (Effie) is playing club soccer this year and they had a tournament in Phoenix this past weekend. So her and my other little sister (Bridget) skipped a few days of school and came to visit us last Thursday with my mom. 

My mom told me on labor day that they'd be coming and I'd been so excited all month. I was hoping that it was still going to be super hot because it makes our pool water the temperature of bath water and it feels so nice. (Doesn't sound like it would be nice but it is.)

Sadly, this is the only pool picture I have of them. 

Friday we all went shopping (minus Jake) pretty much all day. There isn't any shopping where they come from and there is a giant mall a few blocks from our house so it worked out pretty good. That night Jake was king of the grill while we played in the pool. He grilled up the kabobs that the girls make earlier that day.

 (We also had bacon-wrapped shrimp, those were my personal favorite)

Saturday was the tournament and it was HOT. There first game was at 8 am and it wasn't too bad. Then we found a mall, ate some lunch, hung out, and then headed back to the fields for her second game at 2. It was 106 degrees so we ate shaved ice and drank lots of ice water in the shade while the poor soccer girls ran around in slow motion.

Everett was being pretty funny and practicing his 'yoga' while we were watching the game. He was so, so good the entire day. 

That night everyone was exhausted from being baked in the sun all day, especially Effie. I was so bummed because I really wanted to take everyone miniature golfing but everyone was too tired. I was tired too but I had been waiting for this weekend for a month. I think I went to bed pouting. 

The next day was Sunday so we all went to church and then they left to go home. 

Everett cried as they pulled out of the church parking lot. Poor guy misses his aunties. Only 2 more months and they'll be back for Thanksgiving and another soccer tournament! (And hopefully a little miniature golfing :)

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  1. So happy you had some family visit! I still can't get over the fact that you live in AZ. I really can't wait to see you all :-) Its so blasted hot in the summer but the winter is so wonderful.