Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life With Everett

I guess we all have areas that we excel in and struggle in... it's just unfortunate that Everett's struggle is in the speech department.

I'm still waiting for the day when he wakes up and suddenly talks... in complete sentences as some parents claim their kids do.

I've had countless dreams where Everett is talking and we carry on conversations... but sadly they are just dreams. He is still the master squeaker and grunter. He has improved a tiny, tiny bit by actually responding "yes" when that's the answer to a question we ask him.

The only other words I've heard him say occasionally are: Dad, Mom, ball, bubbles, pop, and baby. He is probably 9-12 months behind in speech. It makes me so sad and sometimes frustrated, but that doesn't mean he isn't smart. Just a very late talker. Keep your fingers crossed that he starts talking soon!

Without him talking, it makes it really hard to teach him anything. Several kids his age can count, name off colors and shapes, and know letters of the alphabet. Everett can count to 5 by lifting up the fingers on one hand, knows a handful of shapes and will point at the right one when I ask, and I'm sure he'd recognize at least a few letters in the alphabet but it doesn't go very much beyond that. I feel like until he talks he will just get farther and farther behind.

I tried to teach him colors the other day by grouping his cars together by color but he hasn't totally grasped the concept yet. Now he just makes long lines of cars and points at each one and waits until you tell him what it is. He knows what every single car/train/airplane/helicopter/cement mixer/tow truck is because he won't move on until you tell him exactly what it is.

Playing with his vehicles is most definitely his favorite activity... besides watching TV. It's still pretty hot here so we have to go on our walks at 7 am or it's too hot for both of us. The only outside afternoon activity we can do is play in the pool. Everett is a big weenie when it comes to swimming so he spends most of his time playing on the steps with his cars. He hates floaties because we used to let go of him and try to get him to swim. So now he's punishing us and refuses to be out in the water unless we are holding him.

We are big fans of the evening and usually go for a bike ride or a walk. Everett still refuses to ride his baby 4-wheeler that Jake got him for Christmas... but he will walk behind it and push it down the sidewalk. And he always does it barefoot. That kid hates shoes. Luckily we live on the back road of a nice neighborhood, so there isn't much traffic when we play in the street.

It's also pretty fun at night when we go outside and Jake and Everett throw limes on the roof and dodge them as they fall off. Everett always gets a burst of energy around 8 pm and he'll run circles in the grass and then just fall on his bum as if he's on a trampoline.

And then we go in and read books and put Everett to bed. Everett has been really good at letting us read to him.... FINALLY! He has a few favorite books and most of them have something to do with trains. He's also been a great sleeper which has been nice.

He really is a terrible, terrible eater. He is so picky it's ridiculous. It's so bad that one day he will gobble down a pb&j and then won't eat another one for a month. The other day he was acting like he was going to die if we didn't buy him strawberries. So we bought them and he ate half of the container. He has refused to eat strawberries everyday since. The only things he will eat no matter what are crunchy things like chips and crackers or cereal. Those are the only things we can count on him eating.

Sometimes I don't know what I'm going to do with him. Life with Everett really is hard sometimes. He is so hard to please, he's very stubborn and hopefully this will be something that will work to his advantage one day. He is also extremely observant. He can spot a school bus or motorcycle on the road WAY before I even see them.

Jake and I feel pretty guilty sometimes because we are now living in our 4th house since Everett's been born. We haven't really been able to provide him with the stability and consistency that kids need. By the time Everett was 17 months old we had moved into our third house and then started ripping it apart. Things were always changing within that house and then 9 months later we sold it, moved in with friends for 30 days, then family for 10, got on an airplane and lived with more family for 10 days before arriving at our 4th house. He probably is just waiting for us to move again pretty soon. But who knows, maybe he doesn't remember any of that.

Hopefully he grows up a lot after the new baby is born. I have a feeling it might help. If it doesn't and he's still not talking by the time he's 3, then he'll have to go to speech therapy. Sometimes I honestly feel like he won't talk because he's being stubborn. And then sometimes I just don't know. Life with Everett has just been one big guessing game and most of the time I guess wrong.


  1. Man, Tyrell. I can relate to a lot of what you said. It's so hard sometimes trying to figure a little person out when he can't express himself. You are doing so good, and trying your best and loving him through the tough spots. Even if his life is changing he has his Mama who is always there for him, loving on him, trying to make him feel safe and happy. Wish I could offer some sort of advice, but I can't. Do know that you are not alone and you are doing great!

  2. I love you, and YOU are a good mom who spends lots of quality time with your son. I can see how frustrating it is b/c there are parents out there that don't even spend 1/2 the time with there kids as you do and these kids are super smart and talk, etc. just know you are doing the best you can, and the best is all we can ask for from ourselves.

  3. I wouldn't worry about the moves at this stage of life. Home is wherever Mommy and Daddy are.

  4. You're a great mom. I love that you keep things real. And I love the quote at the top!