Sunday, September 9, 2012

Muffin Top Project- Lime Poppy Seed

I had to take a little break from my muffin top project when we were in the middle of our two-month-long moving process. Now that we are unpacked, and have an overabundance of limes, I made the lime poppy seed muffins.

And. They. Were. AMAZING.

I made mini muffins because I couldn't find my regular size cupcake liners and I think that's what made them even more tasty and delicious. Or maybe it's because there is almost as much sugar in them as there is flour. Either way, they were by far the most amazing muffins I've ever had. I almost don't want to continue my muffin top project because nothing will taste as good as these little wonders.

I also think I'm finally starting to accept the fact that it's good to have lumpy muffin batter. I just couldn't leave it lumpy before but I finally let go with these muffins and it paid off. Don't over mix. Lumps are good. Got it.

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