Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Never-ending Summer

 Although Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons, I'm really loving this permanent Summer thing. I'm sure I'll change my mind at some point, but for now I think it's great. It's so funny how I see people in jeans and 3/4 length sleeves just because it's September but it's still hotter than Sriracha sauce outside. I'm sure our little family will be wearing shorts and doing Summer activities for months to come.

The other day Everett was playing with his water table and he was being pretty cute. I ran inside to grab the camera and he'd climbed into it while I was gone. 

After I took off his 100lb diaper he sprayed me with the hose right on the belly. 

 The two of us just hung out outside and enjoyed the water and warm breeze. Of course I took 10,000 pictures... Everett insists on looking at the pictures after I take them and reaches for the camera. He's even started to take some of his own pictures. 

We swim in the pool quite often and Jake is usually the one wearing the goggles and diving for things but Everett wanted to give the goggles a try. 

And then he suddenly got out and ran to the rocks... his pee pee spot. Potty training will most likely be a bowl in the rocks because he still hates his potty chairs. Whatever works!


  1. He is so handsome. Still throwing me off that you are in AZ lol.

  2. Hey,
    i just wanted to share. My son is very much like yours(started first words after 3 and only in special education)Also he refused potty(we got Cars one, music one....)at the end he jsut didnt want to do it and then within a week he started to go to toilet(proper one)without even telling us. You might be surprised how observant they are and what they can do without us realizing. and btw your little boy has fantastic smile :-)