Friday, September 14, 2012

Sun And Sand

The mornings here make me so happy. I used to hate waking up, parting the blinds, and seeing the clouds. Some people really don't mind it or are affected by it and some people even like it, but not me. It wasn't a secret that I really struggled with the weather in western WA. The sun just makes me happy and makes me feel alive and there's a lot of it here!

The mornings are the best. Everett and I have been going on walks and we've found a few good routes. The other morning we walked past this neighborhood park and we stopped to play. We discovered the sandy bottom and I loved it. 

I'm just one big kid and I still LOVE playing in the sand. So this morning we rode bikes to the neighborhood park with our shovels and buckets. Hopefully we can make it to a real beach someday, but this is awesome for now. 

Everett loved to stomp the "castles" and poke the octopus to death with his finger. 

I'm sure it won't be long before we're back building more sand castles to wreck!

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