Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Triple Play Softball... Weeks 12-15

Everett and I had an appointment with Dr. Harry Watters today to check on the softball growing in my tummy. (Don't you just love my dr's name!)
Everything went well and the softball's heartbeat was 149. 
Everybody in the office was in love with Everett. 

Several people have asked me what gender I'm rooting for.
I wanted both for a long time. 
Now I want one more than the other. 
I asked if we could find out the gender at the next appointment because I just want to want the one we're getting so I can stop thinking about it. 

Here's a view of my softball.... well, all three of them if you know what I mean!

I still feel not-awesome. 
I'm waiting for the day when I feel normal but it might be a while. 
My belly stopped growing out as much when I started walking for exercise in the mornings. 
Instead, it's grown up making me look more like an old man with a beer belly instead of a pregnant lady. 


  1. you look cute! And I totally understand the beer-belly thing lol.