Thursday, October 11, 2012

Car Wash

Everett was obsessed with you tube for a little while. We had cars permanently typed in the search space and he watched video after video on our phones. One video was of cars that change colors when you dip them in warm/cold water. He watched that video countless times. 

I tried to find him some color changing cars but it's okay that I didn't... now he likes to dip his regular cars in water. Works for me! 

(*sorry my child is always naked... I should start drawing undies on him or something!)

Everett has about 40-50 hot wheels/matchbox cars and his very most favorite one is the garbage truck. He LOVES that thing. He also loves to run outside when he hears the garbage and recycle trucks drive by. Lucky for us they come on different days every week. 

I think it's darling that he's obsessed with cars. I can't think of a better $1 toy he could love so much!


  1. - ¡It's Pure Shit, But You're Pedo!, >_< .l.

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