Sunday, October 21, 2012

Early Halloween Treats

Everett is such a lucky little boy. He got his very own Halloween package in the mail the other day (from his Berner grandparents). The box was decorated on every single side, it was adorable. 

Inside was a treat bucket filled with candy, Halloween games, glow sticks,  and even a scary book that was probably Jake's at one point. It was so cute and thoughtful and the candy has been a great incentive for Everett to eat his lunch and dinner!

Thanks for thinking of us... Everett sends his grunts, hugs, and kisses your way!


  1. look at how cute he is... i miss you tyrell!! i wanted to hang out with you yesterday.... but you're gone :((( waaaa LOL cute treats from the grandparents!

  2. Ev seriously gets cuter and cuter as he gets older. I love that smile! I have been meaning to write you since I discovered your sudden move. I hope everything is falling in to place for you three and you are happy! I really admire how you and Jake think of something and just go for it. You are awesome and we wish you the best! We will miss you! Thank goodness for blogs. :)