Monday, October 29, 2012

Motherly Woes

I'm going through a weird phase and I can't seem to post about anything anymore. Writing about the happenings in my life had been almost a daily routine (for about 3 years) until we decided that we were going to move to AZ. I couldn't say anything due to the nature of the beast so I just wrote less.... and less and less until now. Writing always makes me feel better so I'm not sure why I've been so negligent lately.

So, for my own sake, I would like to catch up. The biggest thing on my mother-mind right now is potty training. I didn't read any books or ask anyone for advice... I just put Everett in a pair of undies (once I knew that he understood "where pee comes from") and started taking him outside to pee in the rocks every hour. It worked wonders and I was so pleased that my child was successfully being potty trained before he even learned to talk.

Then I started taking him out to the rocks every two hours and he was staying dry. I took him to the store, the park, church, the aquarium and the mall all in undies and took him to use the public restrooms there. He did really good and sometimes it took a little bribery, but he did it and never wet his pants. Some days I would ask him if he wanted to keep his undies on for his nap and he said "yes" and would stay dry.

He has never gone poo in the toilet... always in his undies, but honestly I'm just happy that he's going seeing all of the trouble we've gone through with his little pooper.

Things had been going really well for about 3 weeks but then he started rebelling and as of today he is completely back in diapers. He wet his pants all day yesterday... refusing to go outside or use the toilet. Today he went twice this morning like usual and then every time he had to go after that he just cried/whined/acted weird and danced and ran around in circles but refused to let even his pee go unless he was wearing a diaper. So back in diapers he is. Even with diapers on he will dance and run in circles and I have to remind him that he can go pee in his diaper before he does.

Things were going so well and I was excited that he might be potty trained before he was 2 1/2 (which will be at the end of November) but now I have no idea what will happen. I'm pretty bummed about it. I guess it's time to go to the library and check out some books on how to potty train your little boy who refuses to talk, knows when he has to go, can hold it for a very long time, but refuses to go without a diaper! I'm pretty sure he is one of the most stubborn people I know. Smart but stubborn.


  1. I feel your frustrations! Potty training is so hard. I potty trained Mylin almost a month ago and after the third day she didn't have any accidents. She was great and I was patting myself on the back! She went three weeks without any accidents and then BAM. Accident after accident. I don't know what to do! She is still in undies, but I hate cleaning up the messes. She's in a little preschool and not on purpose 3 of us potty trained the same week and they were all doing good and today at preschool all of them had accidents. Maybe it's a 3 week curse or something! Good luck with it all!

  2. When Avery was potty training she was doing great, and then same thing, accidents all day long and back in diapers. We figured it out a little too late, but the problem had been that she had a bladder infection, which was causing her to have to go all the time. Unfortunately we started training her when her bladder infection was starting so we had no idea her bathroom routines yet, and it got so bad it turned into a kidney infection (which presented as the flu so we had no idea). So long story short, he could have a little infection. Or he could just be reverting. Potty training takes a loooong time. We started Avery in March and the last 2 nights are the first night she has slept overnight without a diaper/pull up. So don't get discouraged. Just keep putting him in regular undies, and be consistent. We went cold turkey on diapers too, and it really seemed to be the best thing. We had tried pull-ups before with zero success, because she couldn't tell the difference. I think the people that potty train really quickly are just really lucky. There will be accidents- and lot's of them, but my advice is to just have lot's of extra clothes on hand, and be really patient. If we were out of the house and she had 3 accidents we would just end up putting her back in a diaper though, it obviously wasn't going to happen that day. And as far as him talking, Avery can talk fine, but will only grunt and jump around when she has to pee, so it's totally possible to do with "body language". Hopefully it gets a little better for you! Good luck!!

  3. Sorry-I didn't realize I was signed in as Russ, that was really from me. :)

  4. I think almost every kid has a relapse or two when they are potty training. Books can help, buy you know Everett and you'll figure it out. 3 of my 4 went back into diapers at least once, after I thought they were done. Don't stress. It sounds like he's doing great. You're a good mom, hang in there and keep laughing. It cures most things.... Good luck!

  5. Hey, I just wanted to share my experience. People told me kids will learn super fast the moment they are really ready. I got it but still tried to push my son(in very positive way) to try and use toilet. He did sometimes and sometimes not, but he refused to make poo in toilet. Not so nice for me...(he was wearing only knickers). He was in school and it was hit and miss. Looking back he just wasnt really ready then two months or so after his 3rd bday he just started going from one day to another to pee by himself, not telling anybody he just kinda decided he is now old enough to use toilet, poo took another month or so and since then( he is now 4,5) he had two accidents(both when sick). We just stopped using diapers at night about 2 months ago after about month of dry diapers in the morning. Didnt do what some people did when they would wake their kids up when going to bed themselves around 11 or so and make them go to toilet. Its really the best to just listen and watch your child, encourage but let it take its own course. Im sure Everett wont be peeing his pants when he is 6 ...just think of it that way. And lot of strenght, its sometimes difficult for parents :-)

  6. From what I've heard boys take a little longer to finally give in :) And seriously, from most of what I've heard its not because they don't know how... just simply because they don't want to. Two little guys I know couldn't start preschool just because of that lol. So don't be hard on yourself. He knows how, which means when he decides its the right time it will be THAT MUCH EASIER! And heads up for the future... girls are MUCH EASIER!!! You have that to look forward to ;) Addie pretty much potty trained herself at 2 and a half... minus a minor poop battle that was quickly solved. I find the age between 2 1/2 and 3 is the magic time. Zoe was much closer to 3 :) I very seriously doubt you'll have much time, if any, with 2 in diapers. I, on the other hand... will probably have a year. (waaah!)