Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Living room/Playroom

I can hardly believe that this is the eighth house we've lived in since we've been married. We have a horrible track record. 

When we moved in a little over two months ago we hurriedly unpacked everything because we're always anxious for our house to feel like home. Our formal living room has been done for a long time but I'm just now getting around to taking pictures. 

I've always known that I have a hard time living around clutter, chaos, and things disorganized, but I really realized that I have a hard time living around things that don't look good too. In short, I guess I'm kind-of a visual snob (but only when it comes to my own house with my own things). I just can't function right when things don't look good... which is probably why remodeling our last house was a very, very bad idea!

So anyways I took all of the white, tan, and brown frames that I had and made a collage out of them. I made some of the "art" for super, super cheap but it's mostly pictures, fabric, and our marriage license. 

Framed burlap

I cut a "B" out of cardboard and wrapped it with jute

Book pages and a black painted bird/branches

I ended up buying a set of three frames from the Goodwill the first week we lived here (I waste no time!). I spray painted one of them antique white, put a square piece of cork on it (that was left over from a project years ago) and pinned some family pictures on it. $5 later and it looks a hundred times better. 

 I hung our big white mirror on the other wall and a friend made the burlap wreath (that is hanging on the mirror) for my birthday. 

 I don't usually decorate with a "theme" but there is a subtle bird theme going on in here so I bought a little bird cage from Ross for the sofa table. 

This house has some pretty crazy vaults in the ceiling and there are arches everywhere. Every room except for two have something funky going on with the ceiling. The peak in this room is terribly off center... and as a newly-realized visual snob I couldn't handle it. So I centered everything with the peak and went from there. 

After centering the couch in the peak I only had about 15 inches left on one side... so I stuck the little white stool over there (Jake begged me to throw it away so that we wouldn't have to move it but you never know when weird things will work perfectly so I kept it... and what do you know!). We did buy the blue sofa table because Jake was successful in getting rid every other sofa/side table we had before we moved.  

The coffee table was actually our old TV stand... we just took the back off of it

 The fireplace is on the other side of the room. 

I am most proud of my palm tree bark thing that I picked up in a parking lot after a storm. I think it's so rad. 

 So that's our formal living room. And who knew it doubled as the play room?! Toys are hiding everywhere!

Trains and train tracks, puzzles, games, coloring books and crayons in the coffee table.

All kinds of stuff in the sofa table... including dried beans that Everett buries his cars in and then finds again. 

There is a big basket full of cars in the corner by the couch, some toys behind the couch, under the couch, in the coat closet, and in the hallway cabinets. Of course the room is always a mess but at least it cleans up well!

P.S. the rug serves absolutely no purpose other than the fact that it's not taking up precious space in Jake's man garage... and it's the exact same color as the carpet and looks WAY better in real life... the camera does something funky to it. 


  1. Truly, you are the best decorator I know. hands down

  2. This is gorgeous! But of course it is!

  3. It looks amazing! As always :) Love it :)