Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Smu Bear At The Park

We are lucky enough to have two big public parks and 3 neighborhood parks within walking distance of our house... with nice walking paths to get there on. 

We go for a walk every morning to one of the parks and I always let Everett have a popsicle as bribery... (but it was originally out of necessity when it was still an oven at 7 a.m)

One morning Everett fell asleep on the ride there... with the popsicle still in his mouth

One day we decided to ride our bikes to the park instead. Everett insisted on bringing his teddy bear named Smu (s-moo). So I buckled Smu in right next to Everett in the bike trailer. It was adorable. When we got to the park Everett dragged Smu everywhere by the ear, collar, back of his shorts, or his little stubbed tail... sometimes dragging his face through the wood chips.  He sent Smu down the slide and even had me stick the bear in the baby swing while he conquered the big kid swing. He held on so tight and never fell off. It was absolutely adorable. 

This morning Everett wanted to bring his bear to the park again... this time in the stroller. 

So the two of them shared a seat on our way to the park. And then Everett played with Smu for the entire hour we were there. 

He took him up the stairs and sent him down the slide...

Dragged him up the ramp and then let him look though the telescope...


Took him on car rides...

Held his hand down the double slide...

And even went on the swings with him... 

When it was time to go home Everett marched Smu bear back to the stroller and let him sit on his lap the whole way home. It was so cute to see how much he enjoyed playing with his bear at the park and he did all of it on his own. I didn't ask him to do any of it. 

I'm getting more and more excited for Everett to be a big brother. Hopefully he'll love his new sibling as much as he loves Smu bear! 

Speaking of new sibling, we should be able to find out if Everett will be a big brother to a sister or a brother tomorrow. I have a pretty strong feeling that I know the gender but I'm not as positive as I was with Everett. Honestly, I will be so excited whether it be a boy or a girl. I just want him or her to be healthy... and I'm hoping "big for their age" because I feel like a boat house and it would also mean that they could come out a little sooner than their due date. 


  1. So darling! Can't wait to hear the gender!

  2. cute!!! AND I am excited to find out the gender! I am guessing boy... but it is a total random guess

  3. That is very, very cute. Everett is ready to be a big brother!

  4. So cute!!! My guess is a girl. I think that is me secretly hoping you have a girl though!