Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Dog-Lion On Halloween

It was a happy Halloween for two very cute lions. 

We all went to the Trunk-or-Treat at the church last Saturday night and then our buddies came over to Trick-or-Treat with us tonight. Everett and Rhett were both lions and we didn't even plan it. 

We went to our neighbors house very first and they ended up Trick-or-Treating with us too so it was 3 very adorable two-year-old boys and 6 parents!

We only made it down the block on one side before all three of the little boys started getting emotional.... and it was only 6:15 p.m! It's so hard to be so cute and get so much good free candy from neighbors!! So we called it a night and went back home to hand out candy to everyone else. 

I think Everett's favorite part of Trick-or-Treating was seeing everyone's dogs when they opened the door. So Everett would just stand there and bark like a dog in a lion costume while his bucket filled up with candy! Good times. 

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