Sunday, October 7, 2012

Twenty Six

 I'm a big believer in birthday weekends and this weekend was mine.

Friday night Everett played with his best buddy Rhett while Jake and I went to Cafe Rio and then Goofy golfing. 

Jake was a champ and picked up my ball after every hole. We got stuck behind a big, slow group of girl scouts so we went and had some ice cream..... then came back to finish the game. The weather was amazing. It was the first birthday I've spent in shorts!

 We had a great time together. It was especially sweet since it was our first date night in over three months. We should probably find a regular babysitter and go out more often! 

Everett had a great night too. He went out for ice cream, to the mall play place, and ended his night jumping on Rhett's couch. What a lucky kid!

Jake has had to work every Saturday since we've lived in AZ but managed to take a break yesterday to do a little birthday shopping. He never dissapoints!

 I got some M&M's, an olive oil dispenser (because we left ours in WA), a new frying pan, and I even got to pick out some new running shoes on the computer. 

Tonight we had our friends over for dinner and dessert. Kalua pork, homemade chocolate cake with homemade vanilla ice cream (compliments of Jake... who also arranged the candles on the cake!). 

The boys were especially interested in blowing out the candles. 

 We also stuffed ourselves with delicious cookies our guests brought and played a round of Scribblish while the boys played and fought over cars. Oh what a good night. 

Each of my siblings and parents called to wish me happy birthday which made me feel special. I really love birthdays and my friends and family always make it such a good day. 


  1. Happy Birthday! So glad you had a fun weekend :-)

  2. look at you... CUTE! I wouldn't even know you were preg. You look awesome. Remember last birthday we were at red lobster??? miss you. a lot.