Monday, November 26, 2012

Aqua Caliente

Saturday morning, after our Thanksgiving guests left, we set out to do some 4-wheeling. We had no idea how Everett would take it, but he has to start liking it at some point! 

We're new to the AZ desert and weren't sure where to go, so Jake found Aqua Caliente online... about 1.5 hour drive. It turned out to be pretty cool. We had a picnic lunch and then went riding. 

Turns out, Everett loved riding. He sat right in front of Jake and held on to the handlebars the whole time. It was pretty awesome. 

After riding for a while, Everett and I got in the car and watched Jake do some tricks for us. 


:) now you know why we sat in the car!

We were so dirty by the time we were through but we're actually loving the desert much more than we thought. We all had such a good time enjoying the winter sunshine and can't wait to go again... although we might have to recruit a riding partner for Jake because my belly is getting massive!

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